USB Type-C Connector CX Series

USB Type-C Connector


The CX series connector conforms to the next-generation USB standard "USB Type-C™". It is expected to be widely adopted as a standard interface in various devices in the consumer, industrial machinery and automobile market.
※USB Type-C™ is a registered trademark of USB Implementers Forum.

Features of Hirose’s USB Type-C, CX Series

  1. Reversible interface for easy mating
  2. Conforms to the USB type-C standard
  3. Supports 10Gbps Transmission (USB 3.1 Gen.2)
  4. Clear tactile click (Excellent locking)
  5. Design with superior mechanical strength
  6. Plug: Slim overmold design
  7. Receptacle: Top-mount and mid-mount types are available. Both types offer a Hybrid PCB termination featuring easy solder reworking. The Double-row SMT type is excellent for high-speed transmission.

Introducing CX series

Product line-up of CX series

Product Image Contact Transmission
(Certification number)
CX60-24S-UNIT 24 10Gbps 5A - 5,200,000,291 Slim type
- - CX60-SLDA - - - - - Slim type
- - CX60-24S-1000-C1 24 10Gbps 0.5 A - 5648 Slim type, Replacement product for CX60-24S-1000-C
CX60-24S-1000-CD 24 10Gbps 5A - - Screw lock type (2 places on both sides)
CX60-24S-1000-CS 24 10Gbps 5A - - Screw lock type (one location in the center)
Receptacle Mid-mount Right angle hybrid
CX70M-24P1 24 5Gbps 5A - 5,200,000,077 Space saving type, Depth: 8.35mm
CX70M1-24P 24 20Gbps 6A - - Shell Spring Fingers
CX70M-24P2 24 5Gbps 5A - - Space saving type, Depth :7.95mm
Right angle
CX90MWD2-24P 24 5Gbps 5A IPX8 TBD Without gasket
CX90MWD2G-24P 24 5Gbps 5A IPX8 - With gasket
CX90MWP1-24P 24 5Gbps 6A IPX4 - Molded shell screw type
Right angle
(Single-row SMT)
CX90M-16P 16 480Mbps 6A - - Space saving type
CX90MW6-16P 16 480Mbps 6A IPX8 TBD With Gasket
Screw Mounting Design
On board Vertical
CX80B1-24P 24 10Gbps 5A - 5,200,000,701 Low profile type
CX80B2-24P 24 20Gbps 5A - - Shell Spring Fingers
Right angle
CX90B1-24P 24 10Gbps 5A - 5,200,000,499 Robust structure type, Shell DIP length 0.6mm
CX90B1B-24P 24 10Gbps 5A - 4626 Robust structure type, Shell DIP length 1.2mm
CX90B2-24P 24 20Gbps 5A - TBD Enhanced THR Design
Right angle
(Single-row SMT)
CX90B-16P 16 480Mbps 5A - TBD Space saving type
CX90BW-16P 16 480Mbps 6A IPX4 TBD Space saving type

Certificate authority

3rd Party Test Lab certified by USB Implementers Forum.



No. of contact 24
Plating Gold (Contact part)
Locking Friction lock
Method of mounting substrate SMT Double-row / Hybrid (DIP&SMT Single row each)
Storage temperature range -30 ℃ to +85 ℃
Rated current Contact No. A1,A4,A9,A12,B1,B4,B5,B9,B12 : DC 1.25A(Max.), 
Rest of the contact : DC 0.25A
Rated voltage(AC) 20V AC
Contact resistance 40mΩ or less (Initial)
Withstanding voltage 100V AC for 1minute
Insulation resistance 100MΩ or more (Initial)
Durability 10,000

Introduction HIROSE’s USB Type-C “Plug Harness Products" (CX60-24S-1000-C)

The CX60-24S-1000-C is a USB Type-C plug harness product with excellent softness and durability against bending. In addition to ease of handling, it supports high-speed transmission at 10 Gbps, it is necessary to bend even among devices such as the inside of a robot arm, and this design is ideal for areas where high-speed transmission is required.

Excellent high-speed transmission characteristics and flexibility by using micro coaxial cable.

Cable Outer
(50,000 bends)
Micro coaxial


STP × ×
(Ø5 Min.)
Design Features
Micro coaxial
細線同軸線 - Relatively expensive
- The cable is soft.
- The cable is resists characteristic
 degradation caused by bending.
- The coaxial cable has a rigid shield design.
 It has high frequency,
 low attenuation and high stability.
- A coaxial cable is used for
 the super-speed line.
- Coaxial characteristic impedance is 45Ω
- 4 sets of coaxial cable pairs (8 cables)
STP STP - Cheap
- A collection of pairs of rigid cables.
- The cable characteristics
 degrade when bended.
- Electric properties have low stability
 due to the design.
- The twin-core twisted pair design
 stabilizes the internal skew.
- STP used for the super-speed line.
- STP's characteristic impedance is 90Ω
- STP 4-cable configuration



Tablet PC

Smart glasses

Smart watch

About USB Type-C

Type-C USB cable

USB Type-C is a new connector standard of "USB 3.1" formulated by USB standard organization "USB Implementers Forum".
This compact sized USB connector is similar to the micro USB that is now widely used for smart phones and other various applications. It features reversible insertion, speeds up to 10Gbps transmission. Quick charge is possible by applying USB Power Delivery (PD).

<Comparison of USB Type connectors>
Type USB Type-C USB2.0 (Micro B) USB3.0 (Micro B)
Dimensions Type-C USB 3D illust Type-C USB 3D illust Type-C USB 3D illust
Mating type Reversible One way One way
Speed 10Gbps 480Mbps 5Gbps
No. of contacts 24pos. 5pos. 10pos.
Rated current 5A (5A by 4 contacts)
Pin No. A4, A9, B4. B9 → VBUS(+)
Pin No. A1, A12, B1, B12 → GND(-)
Rest of the pin: 0.25A
0.9A (Pin No.1,5)
Rest of the pin: 0.5A
1.8A (Pin No.1,5)
Rest of the pin: 0.5A
Withstanding voltage 100V AC 100V AC 100V AC
Contact resistance 40mmΩ Max. 30㎜Ω Max. 30㎜Ω Max.
Durability 10,000 10,000 10,000
Withdrawal force
35N or less
8N or more
35N or less
Host/Device Both are possible Device only Device only
Features 1: Reversible mating without concern for orientation

The symmetrical design eliminates concern for backward insertion. You simply insert the plug in either directions.
*Hirose's CX series has a superior in "click feel" when mating and is designed to prevent incomplete mating.

Features 2: High speed data transmission / Video output

USB Type-C can transfer the data twice as fast compared to the conventional USB 3.0 (5Gbps), 10Gbps (Max.)
Also, if alternate mode is applied, it becomes possible to meet various video transmission standards such as MHL and Display Port.

Features 3: Large capacity power supply which enables quick charge

Applicable to USB Power Delivery, it can handle up to 100W (20V / 5A). This makes it possible to use not only for smart phones but also for tablet, notebook PC and other displays.

Features 4: It can be used for both host and device sides

Using a conventional USB connector, the Series A connector is always connected to the host. The Series B connector is always connected to the device. The Type-C connector can be used at both host side and device side.
Using a conventional USB system, the USB B connector, comes in many forms including the standard USB-B, the mini-B, and the Micro-B. Each of these standards requires a different cable. The Type-C connector, it is a single standard that can connect to all devices with only one USB cable.

Only one cable is needed for data transmission/charging
Features 5: Only one cable is required

The Type-C connector is able to perform all functions such as data transmission, video output and charging described above at the same time. With a Type-C cable, data transmission is set by USB, video output by display port, charging by power adapter ...All you need is only one cable!