Hirose Electric

Shielded Compact Waterproof Connector LF Series

Compact, Robust, Waterproof, Shield, User Frendly

5 Merits of Choosing LF for Industrial Applications

1. Compact

The metal shell provides a shielding design while reducing size. There are 3 different shell sizes: LF07, LF10, and LF13.

2. Robust Metal Shell Design

Robust connector made with a metal shell for durability in industrial equipment environments.

Prying Force, Mating Durability 1000 times, Vibration and Impact Resistance

3. IP67/IP68 Compliant Waterproof Performance (Mated Condition)

Compliant with IP67 or IP68, this product can be used safely even in places where the connector may get wet.

IP67 IP68 waterproof

4. Shield Design Guarantees Noise Prevention

The folded shield braid is secured with a ground terminal. Additionally, the shield braid contacts the plug via a contact spring. At the mated portion, the contact springs ensure that the plug tip and receptacle sheath are in contact and prevent noise.

Shield Design Guarantees Noise Prevention

5. Excellent Operability with Bayonet Lock and Large Sleeve

Compared to screw fastening, the bayonet lock has much easier operation with one touch attachment and removal.

Excellent Operability with Bayonet Lock and Large Sleeve

In cases where the application will demand a high level of reliability, such as automotive, please contact a company representative for further information.