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  • HB

    HB Series


    1. Cut DC and supply voltage
    DC bias (50 V, 2.5 A Max) can be supplied to the object to be measured without affecting high frequency characteristics.

    2. Mating part is SMA connector
    It has S M A connector (our company H M series, impedance Z = 50 Ω) at the fitting part.

    3. Secure high performance in broadband
    Low insertion loss of 0.3 dB or less is secured in a wide frequency band of 0.5 GHz to 1.8 GHz used frequency.
  • HDC

    HDC Series


    1. DC cut
    By inserting a chip capacitor in the center conductor, it is a connector that stably cuts only direct current without affecting high frequencies.
  • HI

    HI Series


    1. Wide band impedance converter
    It is an impedance converter of 50 Ω ⇔ 75 Ω that can be used in a wide band.

    2. Use F type for 75 ø connector
    For the connector on the 75 Ω side, F type is used, so you can connect directly to broadcast equipment without a conversion connector.

    3. DC block included
    We also have a type that incorporates a DC block circuit so that it can also be used for DC-applied equipment.
  • HLS

    HLS Series

    Coaxial Line Stretchers

    These coaxial line stretchers maintain an impedance of 50ø while changing the length of the coaxial tube and adjusting the phase. One type is locked after the adjustment and another type can be used in mechanical drive applications.
    These line stretchers are well suited for use in phase adjustment, impedance matching, and signal combining.
    Three Types of Adjustable Lengths, 10 mm, 37.5 mm, and 75 mm.
    • Connector Type
    • Adapter
    • Parts
    • Industry Standard
    • Characteristic Impedance
    • 50.0 Ω
    • Frequency (Max.)
    • 8.0 GHz
    • V.S.W.R.
    • 1.2 Max.
    • Sensitivity
    • Attenuation
    • Number of Ports
    • Port Connector Type
    • Type 1 Mating Face Connector
    • SMA
    • Type 2 Mating Face Connector
    • SMA
    • Mounting Style
    • Contact Plating
    • Gold
    • Mating/Unmating Cycles
    • Operating Temperature Max.
    • 65 ℃
    • Operating Temperature Min.
    • -10 ℃