Oct. 1, 2018 [SignalBee™] Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-Wire Signal Connectors
Sep. 19, 2018 Hirose Electric Co., Ltd. Testing Center ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Expansion of Certification Scope
Aug. 29, 2018 Product search in Korean language becomes available.
Aug. 6, 2018 Inventory check function is currently unavailable due to the trouble of information source.
Jul. 23, 2018 [Introduction example] ZERO SCREW™ terminal block contributes to 'labor saving' required in the construction industry
May 11, 2018 [SMP Series] SMP Coaxial Connectors MIL Standard Compliant Up to 40GHz
Mar. 26, 2018 Connectors for High-Speed Transmission of 4K/8K Superhigh-Definition Graphic Signal
Mar. 26, 2018 [BNC75 Series] Optimal for 4K (12G-SDI) device connection
Mar. 22, 2018 [MF11BMT Series] Transmit full-spec 8K video signals with a single cable.
Mar. 22, 2018 [FH64MA Series] This FPC connector is only 0.5 mm high, accelerating smartphone high performance and reduced thickness!
Mar. 6, 2018 [EF2 Series] Prevent fires in the power distribution panel by not using screws.
Jan. 15, 2018 [WEB SITE] Introduction of New Functions on the Website
Jan. 5, 2018 [DF51 Series] 2mm Pitch, Positive LockWire-to-Board Connector
Dec. 19, 2017 [Website] HIROSE Electric 80th anniversary
Nov. 10, 2017 [Notice of Maintenance] We will stop the service for about 15 minutes from 12:00 on November 13 for system maintenance. (UTC+9)
Oct. 23, 2017 [Website] La recherche de produits en français est maintenant disponible. / Product search in French becomes available.
Oct. 12, 2017 [F6 series] MS connector - Solve RF inspection issue for smart phone production -
Sep. 25, 2017 [ZE05 Series] 125℃ High Heat Resistance, High Vibration Resistance, 050 Tab Size/2mm Pitch, Automotive Interface Connector
Sep. 15, 2017 [SMA(R) Series] SMA Reverse Coaxial Connector Up to 26.5GHz
Sep. 1, 2017 [ix Industrial™] A miniaturized new standard connector for industrial applications