Easy assembly and improved reliability
also correspond to robot assembly
[FH62/FH63 series]

FH62/FH63 series are one action lock connector
which simply inserting FPC/FFC.

One action lock improves work efficiency by simplifying the assembly process which reduces quality risks such as actuator breakoff and foreign matter adhesion.
FH62 has been designed for consumer and portable equipment. FH 63 has been designed for high reliability application because of superior heat resistance and robustness.
In addition, in order to adopt fully automatic assembly, HIROSE has been tested fitting workability and mating confirmation with an image sensor (*).
(*) FH 63 is applicable for mating confirmation by image sensor.


FPC insertion/extraction by robot

FPC insertion/extraction by hand

1) Features of FH62/FH63

Low insertion force & high retention force

By optimizing the structure, FH62/FH63 achieved both low insertion force and high retention force at same time. Assembly is very easy since just inserting FPC/FFC for locking which is secured.

low insertion force and high retention force image

From small to high pin count, FH63 series are keeping
“low insertion & high retention force”features.

2) Features of FH62 series

Small design

Low height & narrow pitch enabled smaller footprint

Mating height 1.1mm, pitch 0.25mm and the length of 35pin connector is only 11.96mm. This connector is best fit for thin and compact devices.
Ex) Dimension of 35 position

No limit for mounting place

Since the actuator operation is not needed, it is possible to install to tight space.

Smooth FPC insertion

FPC guided by large taper

Easy FPC insertion by wide entry and large taper. Large taper in the openings enabled fully automated assembly.

Wide entry support smooth FPC insertion

By shifting the upper and lower housing frontage by 0.9 mm back and forth, FPC insertion is easy and guided it to the inside smoothly.

Realized smooth FPC insertion in spite of small and low height

3) Features of FH63 series

Two point contact

Contact reliability is greatly improved by two point contact structure with independent spring. Even if a foreign object gets caught in one contact, contact failure will not occur because another one is still alive.

Mating confirmation by sensors

Mated condition can be visually recognized since window is located on the upper surface.
For fully automatic assembly in the future, mated condition can be checked by sensors. FPC in the right position can be confirmed by sensors through housing window located on the upper surface.

105 ℃ compatible / Suit for Automotive application.

This product is adapt to the temperature range of automotive application, it also meets strict evaluation criteria such as temperature cycle test and can be used in environments of -55 ℃ to 105 ℃. It can be used for various in-vehicle devices such as ADAS (advanced driving support system).
※ Depending on the application you may not be able to use. Please contact HIROSE representative for the details.

Product lineup

Series Pich
Contact Operating temperature range Applicable
FPC thickness(mm)
Expansion plan
of product line
FH62 0.25 1.1 Upper -55℃~85℃ FPC
FH63 0.5 2.8 Lower
-55~105℃ FPC・FFC・
shield FFC


FH62 series

The low profile and compact FH62 can be used in mobile applications such as smart phones, tablets, notebook PCs, digital cameras and also wide range of applications such as security cameras and medical devices.

Applications image

FH63 series

FH63 which features are 105 ℃ heat resistant and two-point contact structure suit for flat televisions, smart appliances, industrial equipment, office equipment, medical equipment and severe automotive application.

Applications image