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SnapBee - Vertical mating lock type, your best choice for Wire to Board connectors.

Wire-to-Board, Power Connectors for Small Equipment SnapBee™

SnapBee - Vertical mating lock type, your best choice for Wire to Board connectors. This product series is widely used in small equipment power supply applications. (Published April 11, 2019)

Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-Wire Signal Connectors SignalBee™

Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-Wire Signal Connectors SignalBee™

SignalBee, a sister brand to our power cable brand EnerBee, is your solution for signal cable connector. It represents the shared concept of “compact size with high-end performance”. The wide variety of configurations provides the best solutions to meet usersʼ application requirements. (Published Oct. 1, 2018)

ZERO SCREW™ Terminal block EF2 series

ZERO SCREW™ Terminal block
EF2 series

ZERO SCREW™ Terminal Block EF2 series is a spring terminal block that can connect cables to electrical equipment such as power distribution in buildings without using screws. The elimination of screws saves installation works and maintenance. (Published Mar. 6, 2018)

Compact / Robust / High-speed ix Industrial™

Compact / Robust / High-speed ix Industrial™

The ix Industrial™ connector features small robust design for use in industrial environments. The high-speed transmission design contributes to equipment evolution and smart manufacturing applications. (Updated November 13, 2018)

Top-quality Industrial Interconnects FunctionMAX™

Top-quality Industrial Interconnects FunctionMAX™

As the name "FunctionMAX™" implies, this product family is a series of Board-to-Board connectors from Hirose with a mission to meet all the needs of the industrial market with maximum functionality. (Updated October 31, 2018)

Compact Size with High-end Performance EnerBee™

Compact Size with High-end Performance EnerBee™

EnerBee™ -Your best choice for power cable connectors. Named after the tiny, yet energetic insect, the EnerBee™ name represents the shared concept of this product family - compact size with high-end performance. (Updated November 20, 2018)

Special product websites

USB Type-C™ Connector
CX Series

Easy-to-understand explanation of Type-C™

The CX series connector conforms to the next-generation USB standard "USB Type-C™". It features reversible insertion, speeds up to 10Gbps transmission.
(Updated June 17, 2019)

Connectors for

Connectors for mmWave

"mmWave" is expected to be utilized for large capacity data transmission and high precision sensing.
(Published March 1, 2019)

Connectors for 4K/8K signal

For 4K/8K high-definition image transmission

Hirose Electric offers comprehensive solutions for transmitting ultra-high-definition video data at high speeds.
(Published March 26, 2018)

12G-SDI Compatible
BNC75 series

For 4K/8K high-definition image transmission

Complies with 12G-SDI standards, which enable long-distance transmission of 4K signals. Contact structure provides stable characteristics, even for high-frequency bands
(Published March 26, 2018)

8K data with a single cable MF11BMT series

8K data with a single cable  MF11BMT series

The MF11BMT Series optical connector features 24 positions equipped with a built-in standard MT ferrule. It is also IP67-compatible (dustproof and waterproof)
(Published March 22, 2018)

Space-saving FPCConnector FH64MA series

Space-saving FPCConnector  FH64MA series

The FH64MA Series connector is the result of the exhaustive pursuit of super low profile and space-saving (0.5 mm height, 0.25 mm contact pitch, 3.15 mm depth).
(Published March 22, 2018)

Improve production cost
F6 series

Improve production cost with MS inspection probe

Hirose developed our new inspection probe to resolve RF inspection issue. Our new F6 probe design will improve your inspection process and is ready for higher frequencies.
(Published October 11, 2017)

Easy assembly
FH62/FH63 series

Easy assembly and improved reliability

One action lock improves work efficiency by simplifying the assembly process which reduces quality risks such as actuator breakoff and foreign matter adhesion.
(Published May 18, 2017)

Introduction example


Simplifying the construction process

KAJIMA CORPORATION, which builds skyscrapers, shopping centers, dams and bridges with civil engineering technology, implements environmental conservation efforts and earthquake disaster countermeasure technology into their construction. In order to save labor resources and attract new workers, Kajima Corporation began use of Hirose’s Zero Screw™ terminal block EF2 series. The deputy director of the Tokyo Building branch, Mr. Hiroshi Mizui, describes the effects of implementing this connector. (Published January 10, 2019)


Utilization as a new main electricity junction, changes the construction process.

On November 30, 2017, TAKENAKA CORPORATION, which is involved in the construction of various facilities such as commercial buildings, stadiums, schools and educational facilities, etc., built, the "Meguro CENTRAL SQUARE", using our ZERO SCREW™ terminal block EF2 series which was adopted as the main electricity junction for the electric wire in the electrical equipment construction. We interviewed Mr. Shin Tomoyuki, Senior Manager, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Department, Tokyo Main Office, TAKENAKA CORPORATION. (Published July 23, 2018)

HRS 80th Anniversary

Connections Turn Ideas into Reality.

Connections Turn Ideas into Reality.

Hirose Electric Co., Ltd. is celebrating our 80th anniversary in 2017. To create a more prosperous society, we will continue to provide value by connecting people, with knowledge, and wisdom inspired by customers, suppliers and employees. The Hirose Electric Group will work together with stakeholders as we progress to our centennial anniversary.
(Published December 19, 2017)