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Accumulated technology that leads to solutions.

Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-Wire Signal ConnectorsSignalBee&trade

SignalBee, a sister brand to our power cable brand EnerBee, is your solution for signal cable connector.
It represents the concept of “compact size with high-end performance”.
The wide variety of configurations provides the best solutions to meet usersʼ application requirements.
SignalBee offers powerful and high performance in many fields including industrial machinery.
Overwhelming product quality and excellent crimping technology is based on accumulated, comprehensive know-how in areas such as assembly tool development.
Various options contribute to space saving and assembly labor savings.
SignalBee - Your best choice for signal cable connectors.

Optimum connector solution from
12 series with wide variations

Connector Pitch and Applicable Cable Size

Connector pitch and applicable cable size

Connector Pitch and Rated Current

Connector pitch and rated current

Product Lines


DF1B Series
2.5mm Pitch, 5A Max.

By putting an IDC contact and a crimp contact together in the same housing, different current capacity cables can be used at the same time. Once connected, the contact can be replaced with excellent maintainability. The insulation displacement area is protected by the housing, which creates a high reliability connection.
[UL/CSA certified]


DF1E Series
2.5mm Pitch, 4A Max.

When the double lock is used, it prevents stress to the cable, increases the crimp contact retention force, and prevents the incomplete insertion of the crimp contact. The pin header housing is molded in glass enforced resin to prevent solder cracks which can occur due to heat compression.
[UL/C-UL certified]


DF3 Series
2.0mm Pitch, Single-Row, 4A Max.

Wide varieties are available such as the in-line adapter which attaches IDC sockets from bath sides of the connector. Additionally board-to-board connections contribute to PCB design flexibility.
[UL/CSA certified]


DF11 Series
2.0mm Pitch, Double-Row, 3A Max.

Insulation displacement and crimp methods are available for termination. Also, wire-to-board, in-line, and board-to-board options provide design flexibility. In addition, "Gold" or "Tin" plating is available depending on the application including SMT products.
[UL/CSA certified]


DF51 Series
2.0mm Pitch, 3A Max.

Secure dual side-lock design provides a reliable connection which prevents socket lift due to vibration or cable wrenching. Wide varieties allow design flexibility to meet various needs.
[UL/C-UL certified]


DF51K Series
2.0mm Pitch, 3A Max.

Offers center lock in comparison to DF51 Series. Center lock type is effective for pitch directional high-density mounting on PCB layout.
[UL/C-UL certified]


DF13 Series
1.25mm Pitch, 2.5A Max.

The header is designed in a wrenching-proof box structure, and completely prevents mis-insertion. The surface mounting (SMT) header is equipped with the metal solder tabs to prevent solder peeling
[UL certified]


DF14 Series
1.25mm Pitch, 2.5A Max.

Right angle connector that comes in 2.5mm height. Offset type is also available. The header has a four wall design which prevents physical damage on the board side. The metal solder tabs prevent solder peel.


DF20 Series
1.0mm Pitch, 1A Max.

Narrow pitch and low profile design. Effective electrical connection is assured with a 1mm contact wipe. In addition, thin metal solder tabs produce a small-sized outer dimension and high mounting density.


DF50(A) Series
1.0mm Pitch, 2A Max.

High reliability gold plated, two-point contact design with an effective mating length of 1mm. Thick housing wall and insertion depth protects against wrenching. The connector provides a clear tactile click and secure mating. Supports 26 AWG wire and has a proven track record of delivering results.


DF52 Series
0.8mm Pitch, 2.5A Max.

Thick housing wall, yet compact design, produces a strong, robust connector that resists damage. The BOX shaped crimp contact prevents deformation during assembly and contributes to the overall stability and strength.


DF62(W) Series
[DF62] 2.0 x 2.2mm Pitch, 4.0A Max.
[DF62W] 2.0 x 2.2mm Pitch, 5.0A Max.

Slim and small connector contributes to wiring in narrow space. Contacts are arranged in a grid, reducing the diagonal size. Connector outline is rounded for smooth wiring. This design helps to save precious space and makes these connectors virtually tangle free. No metal component is exposed, eliminating the possibility of electrical arcing between the connector and the inside of a metal conduit. [UL/C-UL certified]

* In cases where the application will demand a high level of reliability, such as automotive, please contact a company representative for further information.