FH63 Series


0.5mm Pitch, 2.8mm high, Single Action Lock at bottom contact point, FPC/FFC/Shield FFC connector

1. Automatic single action locking design
2. Two-points of contact prevents contact failure by dust
3. Supports FPC/FFC/Shield FFC
4. High FPC retention force
5. Visual inspection on the mated status of FPC/FFC is possible.
6. Environmental

Also correspond to robot assembly [FH62/FH63 series] special page

FH62/FH63 series are one action lock connector which simply inserting FPC/FFC.


Connector Type Receptacle
Recommended FFC/FPC FPC/FFC
Number of Positions 30, 40
Contact Pitch 0.5 mm
Mounting Pitch 0.5 mm
FPC/FFC Insertion Direction Horizontal
Contact Orientation Bottom
Connector Height 2.8 mm
Connector Width 5.15 mm
Number of Rows (Lead/PCB Side) 2
Contact Plating Gold
Rated Current 0.5 A
Mating/Unmating Cycles 10
Rated Voltage (AC) AC 50 V
Rated Voltage (DC) DC 50 V
Operating Temperature (Max.) 105 ℃
Operating Temperature (Min.) -55 ℃
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Number of Positions   pos. Contact Pitch mm

Part No.



Number of Positions

Contact Pitch