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※ The actual product may differ from the image
  • Part No.
  • 040CLAMP-3/CR-AD2(62)
  • Tool Type
  • Cable Clamp Tool

Detailed SpecificationsLast Updated On June. 16, 2019

Product information
  • Part No.
  • 040CLAMP-3/CR-AD2(62)
  • CL No.
  • CL0902-3204-3-62
  • Tool Type
  • Cable Clamp Tool

Suffix Options

HRS No. Part No. Special Specifications (English) Special Specifications (Japanese)
CL0902-3204-3-00 040CLAMP-3/CR-AD2
CL0902-3204-3-61 040CLAMP-3/CR-AD2(61)
CL0902-3204-3-62 040CLAMP-3/CR-AD2(62)
CL0902-3204-3-63 040CLAMP-3/CR-AD2(63)
CL0902-3204-3-64 040CLAMP-3/CR-AD2(64)
CL0902-3204-3-65 040CLAMP-3/CR-AD2(65)
CL0902-3204-3-66 040CLAMP-3/CR-AD2(66)