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Senior Signal Integrity Engineer


Perform lab measurement and experiments to validate results. Write and review signal integrity evaluation and qualification report. Provide signal integrity design recommendations using analytical and simulation tools. Analyze S-parameter data and TDR plots. Corelate measured data with simulations. Work with and use tools, skills and technologies such as Signal integrity, VNA measurements, Circuit trouble shooting of high-speed PCB boards, Python, HFSS, ADS, EMPro, Cadence Allegro PCB editor, Cadence Allegro Capture and ASIC. Perform system/bench level validation, debug and characterization. Develop simulation and measurement methodologies. Implement new technologies on the high-speed connector design. Interface with industry groups and standards committees. Prepare plans for continuous improvement of SI team’s capability. Generate and review signal integrity engineering procedures. Work with design engineers, sales team, and users on signal integrity. Ensure all tasks follow the ISO9001-2008 requirements. Maintain and submit reports. Develop new high-speed cable assemblies both passive and active. Research and monitor high speed related industry standards.

Require Master of Science in computer Science, electrical/electronic engineering, or related field and 3 years’ experience in the job offered, electrical engineer, hardware engineer, design engineer, consultant, or related field.

Please mail your resume to HR Manager, Hirose Electric USA, 2841 Junction Avenue, Suite 200, San Jose, CA 95134