CES2018 - Hirose Electric
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Come join us at "CES2018" and see how Hirose delivers interconnect solutions to enable your designs.

On display will be the best of Hirose’s user friendly, space saving designs with information on products and technologies for next-generation Smart Devices, Automotive, Consumer, IoT, Mobile, and Data Center applications.

Hirose created 3D VR content for the first time. We'd like to invite our customer into the smartphones which we can not usually see.

About CES2018

Date January 9-12, 2018
Location Las Vegas Sands Expo & Convention Center
Booth # 45340
Host Consumer Technology Association
Official Site https://www.ces.tech/

About Hirose Electric

About Hirose Electric

Hirose Electric is a global leader, of outstanding quality interconnect products for electronic applications.
Hirose engineering and sales teams work closely with customers to meet their needs and provide optimal support during all aspects of a project.
From new designs to technical advice to purchasing and delivery of our products,
Hirose Electric has you covered.


Product Highlights


0.25mm Pitch, 0.5mm High, Top Contact,
Back Flip Super Low Profile FPC Connector

1. Super low profile, top contact
2. Space-saving design
3. Smooth FPC insertion
4. High FPC retention force
5. Easy-to-manufacture FPC in spite of the narrow pitch
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0.35mm pitch, 0.6mm height, Board-to-Board or Board-to-
FPC Connectors with Rated Current Up to 5A

1. Rated current 5A
2. Highly reliable contact design
3. Good mating operation
4. Supports USB3.1 Gen.2 (10Gbps) transmission
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Small-Sized, Low Profile 1.0mm Height,
Wire-to-Board Connectors for Power Supply

1. Small-sized, low profile connector
2. Leveling of the vertical mating cable
3. Proprietary ViSe Lock design
4. High current capability up the maximum of 3.0A
 (2pos. : When 28AWG is used)
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High-speed transmission 0.5mm pitch
Board-to-Board connection floating

1. 0.5mm pitch
2. Stacking (Height : 15 - 30mm)/vertical
3. Contacts available : 20/40/60/80/100/120
 for signal + 4 for power source
4. Floating movable amount : X direction : ±0.6mm ; Y direction: ±0.6mm
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125℃ High Heat Resistance, High Vibration Resistance,
050 Tab Size/2mm Pitch, Automotive Interface Connector

1.Space saving design(0.5mm terminal, 2mm pitch)
2.125℃ High heat resistance
3.High vibration resistance
4.Rated current 5A(Mono-pole power supply) / 2A (24pos.)
5.Retainer realizes 40N pull force strength
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