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Hirose Electric has Developed a FPC Connector with 0.65mm Height and 0.25mm Pitch: The FH82 Series.
​​​​​​​September 12, 2022

Hirose Electric has Developed a FPC Connector with 0.65mm Height and 0.25mm Pitch: The FH82 Series.
- One Action FPC Connector That Can Be Connected by Simply Inserting the FPC -

Hirose Electric has developed a super compact FPC connector with 0.65mm height and 0.25mm pitch. This One Action lock FPC connector eliminates actuator operation when inserting the FPC. It is ideal for connecting displays and sensors in smartphones and wearable devices.

FH82 Series

● Challenge to Achieve Both Connection Workability and Small Size

Conventional FPC connectors require actuator operation during FPC insertion. However, this presents a risk of the actuator coming off due to operational errors. For this reason, FPC-to-Board connectors have been mainly used for internal connection in small, mass produced devices such as smartphones and wearables. However, since the FPC-to-board connector is connected by mating the connector mounted on the FPC to the connector mounted to the board, the total mated height may be greater than the connector itself. In such cases, the one piece, low profile FPC connector will be unsuited to increasingly thinner mobile consumer devices, and an even lower profile FPC connector is required.

● One Action Connection For Superior Operability Without Actuator Operation

Hirose has developed the FH82 Series to meet these demands. The One Action lock allows connection to be completed by simply inserting the FPC without touching the actuator, improving workability and preventing actuator damage. One Action FH is delivered with the actuator closed, preventing breakage during shipment when the actuator is left open, a risk with backflip connectors. The One Action FPC connector reduces the FPC/FFC insertion force. The large tapers at the mating port and unique spring design achieve smooth insertion. It is also ideal for automatic assembly.
In addition, we have succeeded in dramatically improving production capacity compared to our company's existing FPC connectors by revamping our manufacturing methods. This enables smooth product supply and contributes to stable product manufacturing for customers.

■ One Action Reduces Working Hours and Operation Steps

FH82 Series Feature

Features: Height = 0.65mm, Pitch = 0.25mm, Compact, One Action FPC Connector
 1. Ultra low profile, Space-saving
   - Height: 0.65mm, Contact pitch: 0.25mm (Mounting pitch: 0.5mm)
 2. One action design improves work quality
 3. Enhanced workability

● Future Product Development

The newly developed FH82 Series solves connectivity issues inside smartphones and wearable devices. The below pin count variations are planned for development in order to meet evolving device needs.

- Under Mass Production: 14pos.
- Planned for Development: 8, 12pos.

● Corporate Profile and Related Information

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