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HIROSE ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Personal Information Protection Policy

Recognizing the importance of protecting personal information, the Company shall strive to protect personal information in accordance with the following policy.

  1. The Company shall acquire personal information legally and fairly to the extent necessary after specifying as clearly as possible the purposes of using it.
  2. The Company shall use personal information within the scope of the purposes of use indicated at the time it is acquired only to the extent necessary for conducting business.
  3. The Company shall not provide personal information to any third party without the prior consent of any person to whom the personal information refers, except as provided by law. If the Company jointly uses personal information with a third party, or entrusts a third party to handle personal information, the Company shall conduct a thorough investigation of such third party and provide proper supervision to ensure that confidentiality is maintained.
  4. In handling personal information, the Company shall appoint a person responsible for managing personal information and make every effort to manage it appropriately, such as by preventing the unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, and unauthorized disclosure, etc. of said personal information.
  5. The Company acknowledges that persons providing personal information have the right to request the disclosure, correction, cessation of use, deletion, etc. of their own personal information, and if such a request is made, shall promptly respond to it to a reasonable extent.
  6. The Company shall comply with laws, regulations, and norms applicable to personal information, as well as endeavor to review and improve its efforts as mentioned above from time to time.

About the Handling of Customers’ Personal Information

Personal Information Processed by the Company

The Company shall process customers’ personal information as shown below (where “process” means any work or series of work performed using personal information or a set of personal information, whether or not by automated means, and where “work” means acquiring, recording, editing, structuring, storing, modifying, changing, restoring, referencing, using, disclosing through transfer, disseminating, and otherwise preparing said personal information to make it possible to disseminate, arrange, combine, restrict, delete, and/or destroy it; the same shall apply hereinafter.) The personal information that the Company processes shall be, but is not necessarily limited to:

Name; contact information (address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.); business information (company name, department name, title, etc.); inquiry details; request details; contract content; IP address; cookie information; and information related to the Web access history of the Company and its business partners.

Because such information needs to be provided by customers in order for the Company to offer its services to them, customers who do not provide such information may not be able to use its services.

Purposes of Use of Personal Information

The purposes of use for which the Company acquires personal information from customers, etc. are as specified below. The Company shall use personal information for the purposes of use specified below based on the consent of customers, etc., unless otherwise permitted by law. Customers, etc. may withdraw such consent at any time. (If the Company acquires personal information for purposes of use that differ from those specified below, the Company shall separately notify or publicly announce such purposes.)

    • To provide customers with information about products, events, and sales
    • To analyze data and behavior as necessary for marketing activities, and for information provision and sales activities based on the results of those analyses
    • To request customer responses to various questionnaires
    • To answer various inquiries
    • To conduct other general customer management
    • To place orders and contact business partners
    • To settle accounts with business partners
    • To operate a certification system for engineers, etc., including business partners
    • To conduct other general business-partner management tasks
    • To report to and notify public offices, various industry groups, etc.
    • To contact, and send materials to, stockholders
    • To recruit Company employees and screen job applicants for employment
      (The purposes of use of the Company’s employees' personal information shall be notified or published separately.)

About Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

To accomplish the purposes of use specified above, the Company may provide customers’ personal information to the Company’s contractors, such as cloud vendors or service operators. When the Company enters into a contract with a contractor, the contract shall stipulate the matters necessary for appropriately handling personal information, and the Company will strictly supervise the contractor.

The third parties to whom the Company provides customers’ personal information may include those located in countries outside Japan, the EU or the UK (including, without limitation, the U.S., China, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, India, and Malaysia; the same shall apply hereinafter), in agreeing to this Privacy Policy, customers shall agree to the following matters in addition to the provision of personal information to such third parties.

  • In countries other than Japan, the EU or the UK, in which third parties are located, personal data protection laws may not be in place, and many rights granted to data subjects may not be available.
  • Customers’ personal information shall be provided and processed for the purposes of use specified above.
  • Customers’ personal information may be provided to third parties outside Japan, the EU or the UK.

Additionally, if the Company provides the personal information of customers located in the EU or the UK to third parties in countries outside the EU or the UK, the Company shall ensure that it will secure adequate measures to protect the customers’ personal information through the execution of the Standard Contractual Clauses under the EU General Data Protection Regulation, etc.

The website operated by the Company (the “Company Website”) uses Google Analytics, which is a service of Google Inc., to grasp the status of visits by customers to the Company Website. By using Google Analytics on the Company Website, Google Inc. collects, records, and analyzes customers’ history of visits to the Company Website based on cookies issued by the Company. The Company receives the results of such analysis from Google Inc. to grasp the status of visits by customers to the Company Website. Customer information that is collected, recorded, and analyzed by Google Analytics does not include any information that could identify a specific individual. Moreover, such information is managed by Google Inc. pursuant to its privacy policy. For details of such privacy policy, please refer to the following web page.

About Joint Use of Personal Information

The Company may jointly use personal information with its subsidiaries as follows in accordance with applicable laws. For a list of the Company’s subsidiaries, please click here.

  • Items of personal information to be jointly used
    Name; contact information (address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.); business information (company name, department name, title, etc.); inquiry details; request details; cookie information; and information related to the Web access history of the Company and its business partners.
  • Purposes of use by parties that jointly use personal information
    Same as the purpose of use described in “Purposes of Use of Personal Information” above.
  • Person responsible for the management of personal information to be jointly used
    2-6-3 Nakagawa Chuo, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa

Ensuring Accuracy

The Company shall strive to keep personal information up to date, and in the case of erroneous or missing personal information, to correct it. In addition, when the purposes of use of personal information are accomplished, the Company shall promptly destroy it.


In order to prevent unauthorized access to, and unauthorized disclosure, etc. of, personal information, the Company shall comprehensively evaluate and determine the risk of breaches of personal information after considering the type of personal information, its sensitivity, the degree of impact on customers (including economic and psychological damage) in the case of an unlawful breach of personal information, and shall take the necessary and appropriate human, organizational, and technical safety control measures according to the risk of a breach of personal information, as well as continuously strive to improve security by establishing a process for examining and correcting such safety control measures as necessary. If you would like to receive more information about the details of safety control measures the Company has taken, please refer to the contact point given below.

Matters Concerning Procedures for Responding to Requests, etc. for Disclosure, etc.

With respect to the personal data held by the Company, the persons providing said personal data may make a request for notification of the purposes of use, disclosure, correction, etc., cessation of use, etc. or provision to a third party, or disclosure of records of provision to a third party, etc. to the extent permitted by applicable law. If such a request, etc. is made, the Company shall respond to it within a reasonable period of time in accordance with the applicable law. Such requests, etc. will be handled through the following contact point. As part of the procedure, the Company shall confirm the identity of such requester.
Please note that the Company cannot accept any requests or complaints made by directly visiting the Company’s premises.

Company Policy Regarding Children

When acquiring personal information from customers under the age of 16, the Company shall always obtain the consent of a parent or legal guardian. The Company would like to ask customers under the age of 16 to ensure that a parent or legal guardian confirms the content of this Privacy Policy, and that the parent/legal guardian, not the customers themselves, accept it before the customers use the Company's services. Additionally, if a parent of a customer under the age of 16, or other person, finds that the customer accepted this Privacy Policy without the parent’s confirmation and consent and is using the Company's services, please notify the contact point stated below.

About Automated Decision Making

Generally, the Company does not use customers’ personal information for the purpose of automated decision making.

About the Right to File a Complaint

If a customer has a complaint about the Company’s handling of personal information, the customer may file the complaint with the regulatory authority that holds jurisdiction over the country or region in which the customer is located under the provisions of applicable laws.

About Inquiries Concerning Personal Information

Please send inquiries concerning the Company’s handling of personal information to the following contact point:

HIROSE ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Contact for Inquiries Concerning Personal Information

E-mail address:

Established: April 1, 2016
Revised: June 1, 2022