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Hirose Electric has Developed a Small Wire-to-Board Connector with Automotive Quality: The GT50 Series.
December 21, 2021

Hirose Electric has Developed a Small Wire-to-Board Connector with Automotive Quality: The GT50 Series.
- 1mm Pitch Small Size, 125°C Heat Resistant and High Vibration Resistant Connector -

Hirose Electric has developed the GT50 Series, a 1mm pitch, small and robust wire-to-board connector. This is a product that can be used safely for automotive applications due to its high heat resistance up to 125°C and robust design.

GT50 Series

GT50 Series

● Achieves Both a Compact Size and the High Reliability Required for Automotive Applications

Resulting from the shift to electronic vehicles due to technical innovations in EVs and autonomous driving, demand for wire-to-board connectors for the internal connection of automotive applications has increased. With limited mounting space available in these applications, there is a particular need for smaller and lighter connectors. At the same time, resistance to heat generated from the high mounting density of electrical components and high reliability to withstand vibration during driving are also essential. However, there are few existing connectors that meet these requirements, and users are forced to choose from either large sized automotive connectors or smaller sized connectors used in consumer electronics that are not suitable for automotive applications.

● Reliable Automotive Quality with the Same Compact Size as Consumer Electronic Connectors

In order to solve such issues, GT50 was developed. It features a small size with 1mm pitch and 5.97mm height. The applicable cable size is a thin 0.08sq, about 75% lighter than the 0.3sq size cable that is often used for internal connection in automotive applications*1.
Although small in size, lances are provided on both the contacts and housing to prevent the contacts from coming off, enabling high retention force during cable pulling. In addition, GT50 has sufficient locking strength and PCB peel strength, making it a robust connector for internal connection.
The heat resistant material and design of the crimp contact ensure heat resistance of 125°C. In addition, the stabilizer prevents the contact from moving inside the housing, providing high vibration resistance verified by vibration test*2 results that confirm no changes in contact resistance. This product can be used in high temperature environments as well as automotive devices that are subject to strong vibration.

*1 Weight comparison with generic cables
*2 Vibration Test Conditions
Frequency: 10Hz - 500Hz (sine wave), Acceleration: 5g, Time: 8h in 3 directions, total 24h (Cable conductor resistance is excluded.)

■Small Size with 1mm Pitch (Dimension Example: 2pos.)

Small Size with 1mm Pitch

■High Vibration Resistant Design (Stabilizer)

High Vibration Resistant Design (Stabilizer)

Features: 1mm Pitch, 125℃ Heat Resistant and High Vibration Resistant Compact Wire-to-Board Connector for Automotive

1. Small size with 1mm pitch and 5.97mm height

2. Automotive quality: 125℃ heat resistance and high vibration resistance

3. Robust connector with high retention force during cabling, resistance to prying, and center lock design

● Future Developments

The newly developed GT50 Series can be widely used for automotive applications. It was released in November 2021 with 2pos. and 16pos. pin counts available. The below pin count variations are planned for development in order to meet the diversifying needs of automotive applications.

- No. of Pos. Planned for Development: 4, 6, 8 10 and 12pos.
- Variations Under Consideration for Development: Vertical Type

The reliable design satisfies in-vehicle quality requirements and can also be used for AGV, AMR and electric tools that are exposed to harsh environments.

● Corporate Profile and Related Information

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