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Cable Assembly Solutions


CS ORVEM delivers high quality cable assembly solutions for HIROSE

HIROSE a world leader in electronics would like to announce a new agreement between their franchised distributor Cabling System ORVEM (CS ORVEM) and HIROSE Electric Europe B.V.

The partnership combines CS ORVEM’S expertise in the production of innovative cable assembly solutions and HIROSE’s expertise in the manufacture of high quality connectors.

CS ORVEM provides wide ranges of Wire-to-Board and Wire-to-Wire HIROSE’s connector solutions for many different markets in EMEA.


For more information on the cable assemblies available, please click here.


CS ORVEM was established in 1995, the company target has always been customized and innovative solutions for cable assemblies and electro mechanical assemblies. The company has been operative for over 20 years and has a partnership with ORVEM Spa in order to offer the added value of full assembly service to ORVEM’s customers.

CS ORVEM belongs to ORVEM Group, working independently in strong synergy and cooperation with other ORVEM companies.


CS Orvem                                  Email: sales@csorvem.com              Web: www.csorvem.com

HIROSE Electric Europe B.V.        Email: eu.info.3d@hirose-gl.com      Web: www.hirose.com/eu/