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BM14 Series

BM14 Series, 0.4mm Pitch, 0.8mm/1.3mm Stack Height, Board-to-FPC Connectors

Hirose have introduced the BM14 series to offer a connectivity solution for miniature device applications requiring small footprints and ultra low height profiles.

The BM14 connector range is one of the world’s smallest connectors in its class. The 40 position version has a length of only 10.48mm and a depth of only 1.98mm. Two ultra low parallel stack heights are available within the range which is 0.8mm or 1.3mm.

The compact dimensions do not hinder the performance and highly reliable mechanical connection is assured. This is achieved by the utilisation of special unique two point contacts and a long effective mating length of 0.2mm (stack height 0.8mm) or 0.3mm (stack height 1.3mm). The contacts feature dimples to allow a positive click and a tactile sensation to confirm correct and complete mating engagement. In addition, the dimples on the header contacts absorb shock, reducing damage from drop impact.

Guide ribs are incorporated into the housing body to allow a wide self alignment range of 0.3mm in X or Y direction for design flexibility and to give a smoother mating operation. At each corner of the connector, metal fittings are present to increase the retention forces of the connector to the board and protect the contacts from mechanical stress.

The contacts are fully enclosed in the housing to protect against solder waste and flux. In addition, a nickel barrier area is featured near the contact termination area to prevent solder wicking.


Key Features

· Contact positions: 10 - 64 most sizes (stack height 0.8mm)

· Contact positions: 40, 44, 54  (stack height 1.3mm)

· Contact pitch: 0.4mm

· Current rating: 0.3A

· Voltage rating: 30V AC

· Mating cycles: 10


Ideal applications are PDA’s, portable handheld devices, POS terminals and any other small devices.