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DF59S-SN-M Series

DF59S/SN/M Series, High Current, Low Profile, Multifunctional, Mono-Pole Connection System

Hirose would like to announce the new DF59M/S/SN series. It is primarily dedicated for the LED lighting market but also for other applications where ultra small connectors are required.

The multifunctional connector is applicable for wire-to-board power supply connections and board-to-board coplanar connections.

The board-to-board option consists of a joining plug and a board mounted receptacle. A slim profile plug (DF59S) or a ultra slim profile plug (DF59SN) are available. The receptacle is not moulded to significantly reduce the depth profile to minimise board space. The low mated height profile is only 1.18mm (DF59S) and 1.2mm (DF59SN). The receptacle is common for both plug types and features a friction lock that provides a positive tactile sensation and an audible click when mated. This confirms the connector is fully engaged guaranteeing complete electrical and mechanical connection.

An additional feature of the board-to-board version is a unique 3-Axis floating structure. This permits movement of + 0.5mm in X and Y directions, and + 0.2mm in Z direction to compensate for any tolerances during the mating process. Special innovative, robust, stress free contacts protects the contact area from any mechanical stress during the floating process.

The DF59M wire-to-board version consists of a crimp plug and receptacle. The DF59M receptacle has a different design to the DF59S/SN receptacle, however the PCB layout has a double footprint so that both receptacles can be mounted on to the same PCB pattern. The crimp plug features an enhanced 3-point contact with a spring feature to ensure high contact reliability. The positive lock feature provides 16N (Newton’s) of lock retention force to ensure a secure connection that is confirmed by an audible tactile click to ensure correct engagement. A higher current rating of up to 6A* (Amp) can be applied to the DF59M wire-to-board version.

Suitable applications are LED lighting, battery connections, small DC motor drives, power supplies and other small devices.


Key Features



Board-to-Board slim line plug


Board-to-Board ultra slim line plug



Plug Part No. DF59S-1P-FC DF59SN-1P-FC



Receptable Part No. DF59S-1S-V DF59SN-1S-V DF59M-1SH
Contact Positions 1 1 1
Current Rating (Amps) 3A (Max) 3A (Max) 6A* (Max) *Dependent on AWG size
Voltage Rating AC/DC 350V 350V 300V
Mating Cycles 10 10 20
Temperature Rating -35ºC to +105ºC -35ºC to +105ºC -40ºC to +105ºC
Halogen Free Yes Yes Yes
Cable Size AWG - - 22-28