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DF60 Series

DF60 Series, 10.16mm Pitch, High Current, Wire-to-Board Connector

Hirose hasHirose have introduced the DF60 series to meet with the increased demand for high powered wire-to-board connectors offering advanced reliability for industrial equipment.

The connector range consists of cable mount female crimp sockets and PCB mount vertical, right angle and panel mount in-line male headers that have the capacity to handle up to 45A (max) current rating.

The overall size of the DF60 series has been designed with space saving in mind, the plug and receptacle housings are low profile with a mated height of only 30mm using the vertical header. The footprint dimensions are minimised by the small pitch size of 10.16mm.

The robust lock provides a positive tactile sensation and an audible click when mated. This confirms the connector is fully engaged guaranteeing complete electrical and mechanical connection. The lock is on the centre of the housing to avoid uneven locking and cable entanglement which is common with side locks. In addition, multiple connectors can be mounted closer together side by side.

The cable mount female socket housing utilises crimp contacts that have a unique 5-point contact internal structure. Two of the contact points are fixed in the upper section. The other three are in the lower section and are spring based allowing movement to follow the flat structure of the male contact during the mating operation. This provides high contact reliability, secure connection and strong resistance against vibration. Keying variations are available to prevent incorrect insertion when multiple connectors are used.

DF60 series is part of the EnerBee product family. The EnerBee family features wire-to-board and wire-to-wire power connectors to provide technically advanced connectivity solutions for industrial power sources.


Key Features

· Contact positions: 1 - 6  (Right angle & vertical versions); 2 - 5 contact positions (Panel In-Line version)

· Current rating: 13 - 30A

· Voltage rating: AC/DC 1000V (600V UL/C-UL & TÜV)

· Mating cycles: 30

· Cable size: AWG 10 - 12 / AWG 14 - 16 

· Certification: UL, C-UL & TÜV

· Tooling: Automatic & Manual

· Secure mating with clear tactile click 


Suitable applications are robots, automotive devices, medical, servers, servo amplifiers and motors.

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