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DF62W Series

DF62W Series, Water Resistant, Slim, In-line, Wire to Wire Connectors

Hirose have introduced the DF62W Series for applications needing in-line wire to wire connections inside small and narrow spaces.

The connector housings are low profile. The mated dimensions of the plug and socket are only 27.1mm in length. The connector outline is contoured to prevent the connector from being trapped in small areas during the wiring process.

The water resistant structure is simplified to ensure that the cable assembly process is fast and user friendly. The water resistant seals are pre-assembled to allow the crimped wire to be inserted directly into the housing without additional tooling.

Highly reliable barrel crimp contacts are utilised to provide strong resistance against rough operation and vibration. The box shape contact head of the female contact works as a mating guide to align the male contact, enabling smooth mating and the prevention of contact buckling. Furthermore, the crimp contacts are designed to fit into the housing tightly to restrain against contact fretting.

The positive lock guarantees secure locking and gives a clear tactile sensation and an audible click to confirm correct engagement. The visible lock structure has a slot to allow a visual check of complete mating.

Non-water resistant versions known as the DF62B, DF62C & DF62P series are also available.


Key Features

· Contact positions: 2, 3, 4, 6 and 9

· Pitch: 2.2mm x 2.2mm

· Current rating: 3A (max)

· Voltage rating: 250V

· Mating cycles: 30

· Cable size: AWG22-26

· IP67 waterproof rating (under certain conditions, please check with Hirose)


Ideal applications are robotic arms, electric vehicles (Pedelec/E-Bike), LED lighting, factory automation and home appliances and others.