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DF9 Series

DF9 Series, 1mm Pitch, Board-to-Board connectors complies with VESA FPDI-1

The DF9 is a compact connector series designed to comply with the VESA FPDI-1 standard interface connector for LCD displays.

The connector range consists of surface-mount, vertical, board-to-board headers and receptacles which provide for a parallel connection. The stacking height is 4.3mm

The mating area of the housing features a trapezoidal shape to prevent incorrect insertion into the mating half. The easy lock provides a consistent and positive tactile sensation when mated; this ensures the connector is fully engaged guaranteeing complete electrical and mechanical connection.

Optional metal hold-down brackets (fittings) are available to secure the connector to the board and protect the solder joints from peeling off due to mechanical stress. Guide post (bosses) options are available to keep the connector in place during the solder process or manual placement.


Key Features

· Contact sizes: 9 - 51 (in most sizes)

· Pitch: 1mm

· Current rating: 0.5A

· Voltage rating: 150V

· Stack heights: 4.3mm

· Versions: Parallel

· Mating cycles: 30 (Tin) / 100 (Gold)


Suitable applications are LCD displays used on portable equipment, POS terminals, measurement devices and many other handheld devices.