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EM Series, 50A High Current Capacity, Power Supply Connector 

Hirose has introduced the EM series to meet with the increased requirement for high powered connectors offering advanced reliability for industrial equipment.

The connector range consists of in-line plugs and receptacles. The receptacles can be panel mounted or attached to a DIN rail.

The innovative connector design incorporates three 50A power contacts and one ground contact. The contacts are arranged in sequence to ensure the ground contact is connected before the power contacts during the mating process for safety. A further benefit is a protective cover over the female contacts that minimises the exposure of the contact area to prevent damage.

Termination of the crimp contact is quick and easy using standard JIS crimping tools. A contact removal tool is available to effortlessly remove the contact.

The connector can withstand high mechanical stress; up to 200N of cable pull force (pulled vertically) can be applied. The robust snap-on lock provides secure mating with an audible tactile click to confirm correct engagement.

Customised keying arrangements can be applied to prevent incorrect mating of multiple connectors. Ten different keying combinations are possible through optional keys.

EM series is part of the EnerBee product family. The EnerBee family features wire-to-board and wire-to-wire power connectors to provide technically advanced connectivity solutions for industrial power sources.

Key Features

· Contact positions: 4 (Three-phase power source & ground)

· Current rating: 50A

· Voltage rating: AC/DC 500V

· Mating cycles: 100

· Cable size: AWG 8 - 10

· Locking mechanism: One touch


Ideal applications are power control box for semiconductor manufacturing machines, wind power generators, fuel batteries, industrial power storage units, industrial cooling systems and other industrial applications.

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