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FH48 Series

FH48 Series, 0.5mm Pitch, LIF, Vertical-mount, High-speed Transmission,        FFC Connector

Hirose has introduced the new FH48 series to meet with the demand for flat flexible cable (FFC) connectors with higher transmission speed. The connector fully supports next generation chip V-by-One® HS by THine digital signalling standard.

The high-speed transmission capability is achieved by the innovatively designed impedance-controlled contacts. (Differential impedance: 100 Ω ± 10%).

These can accept an impedance-matched shielded FFC with ground contacts. Furthermore, this same FFC can be used on the popular FH41 series which is the horizontal version to allow greater design flexibility.

The user-friendly actuator is flipped up automatically by the insertion of the FFC even when the actuator is in the closed position to allow quick assembly.

A firm and clear tactile click from the actuator confirms that correct locking of the FFC into the connector has been completed. Side catches are present in the internal structure of the connector to locate and hold a tabbed FFC in place which allows a temporary holding facility to allow accurate guided positioning. Furthermore, this increases the retention force of the FFC to the connector providing an overall stable and reliable connection. The retention force is 40N (upward direction, 50 position).

The housing incorporates an innovative robust lock structure. The contacts form a reliable hinge point for the rotating actuator instead of relying on the housing walls. This allows the actuator to be supported across the whole length of the connector which guarantees superior performance and reliable connection. In addition, special metal plates are present to support the rotating actuator from the back.

Solder wicking is prevented by the special nickel barrier that is applied to the contacts. Wide gaps are present between the contacts and housing to absorb excess flux and solder.


Key Features

· Contact positions: 20, 21, 30, 31, 40, 50, 68

· Current rating: 0.5A

· Voltage rating: 50V

· Pitch: 0.5mm

· High contact reliability

· High-speed


Ideal applications are Mitsubishi servomotors, machine tools and measurement and control devices. The HR08D series are compliant with the DDK, CM10 series.