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FH50 Series

FH50 Series, 0.5mm Pitch, Dual Beam Contact FFC/FPC Connector

Hirose has introduced the new FH50 series to meet with the requirement for highly reliable and robust flat flexible cable/flat printed circuit (FFC/FPC) connectors.

To allow user friendly operation, side-catchers are built into the internal structure of the housing wall. These locate and hold a tabbed FFC/FPC in place to allow a temporary holding facility to permit smooth and accurate guided positioning. The FFC/FPC can be inserted horizontally saving assembly time. The side-catchers also prevents incorrect FFC/FPC insertion by stopping the integral cam from rotating which blocks the actuator from closing.

The integral cams are situated in both sides of the housing walls. These rotate at the same time as the actuator operation to increase the retention force of the FFC/FPC to provide an overall stable and reliable connection.

Two-point spring beam contacts are utilized to reduce contact failure caused by contamination. The spring allows the contacts to move to increase contact reliability and resist vibration and shock. These contacts have a dual purpose and also provide a reliable hinge point in four different areas to support the rotating actuator instead of relying on the housing walls.

Solder wicking is prevented by a special nickel barrier that is applied to the contacts.


Key Features

· Contact positions: 28, 40, 80

· Pitch: 0.5mm

· Current rating: 0.5A

· Voltage rating: 50V

· High contact reliability


Ideal applications are medical devices, car audio systems, industrial equipment, projectors and other portable devices.