mmWave Brochure 2022 Coaxial Connectors & Cables for High Frequency DETAIL
EnerBee™ Brochure EnerBee™ Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-Wire Power Connectors DETAIL
FunctionMax™ Brochure FunctionMAX™ High Performance Board-to-Board Connectors DETAIL
2020 Industrial Group Brochure Leading Technology Interconnect Solutions for Industrial Applications DETAIL
2020 Automotive Brochure International supplier in the automotive industry manufacturing rugged, reliable connectors to meet automotive requirements. DETAIL
SignalBee Brochure Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-Wire Signal Connectors DETAIL
Medical Brochure For Interconnect Solutions for Demanding Medical Products DETAIL
Industrial Connectors Brochure Hirose Industrial Connectors DETAIL
Industrial Cable Brochure Hirose Industrial Cable Assemblies DETAIL
LED Brochure Interconnect Lighting Solutions DETAIL
Circular Brochure Interconnects for Circular Applications DETAIL
Board-to-Wire (Brochure) Hirose Interconnects for Board-to-Wire Applications DETAIL
Board-to-Board (Brochure) Hirose Interconnects  for Board-to-Board Applications DETAIL
Flexible Circuits (Brochure) Hirose Interconnects for Flexible Circuits DETAIL
Medical Electronics (Brochure) Hirose Interconnects for Medical Electronics DETAIL
Automation (Brochure) Hirose Interconnects for Automation,
Robotics and Digital Vision Systems
Industrial Electronics (Brochure) Hirose Interconnects for Industrial Electronics DETAIL
FFC FPC Connectors (Flyer) Hirose offers a wide product range of innovative FFC FPC Connectors  DETAIL
ix Industrial (Flyer) Rugged I/O connector that combines a small robust design with high-speed data transmission DETAIL
CX Series (Flyer) The CX series connector conforms to the next-generation USB standard "USB Type-C™" DETAIL
Smart Home (Flyer) Hirose Products for Smart Home Devices DETAIL
Tooling (Flyer) Hand and Automated Tooling DETAIL
Internet of Things (Flyer) Hirose Products for IOT Devices DETAIL