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[LIVE WEBINAR] Optimized Connector Solutions For CE Hardware Designs

Dec. 9th, 2021 | 1:00-1:45 PM Central
Multiple CE HW Design Case Studies

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Presenter: Mark Waring

Webinar Will Cover:

Latest in advanced micro connector solutions for CE and related consumer/professional product designs.

Design Examples Include:

A breadth of CE hardware products, including:
handsets, smart speaker, router/access points, wearables, consumer/professional medical devices, WiFi and cell based hardware, and many more.

Connector Types Discussed:

・Micro board to FPC, FFC, Zero Insertion Force
・High current, hybrid digital + PWR
・RF, hybrid RF + digital + PWR
・Micro-coax, 5G support
・Micro-board mount switches
・Shielded connectors and more

Who Should Attend:

・Product designers
・PCB, component, module design engineers
・Sub-system designers
・Component engineers
・Procurement, supply managers
・Anyone interested in a quick overview of state of the art CE and related product connector solutions

Mark Waring - Strategic Account Manager

Mark Waring,
Strategic Account Manager,

is located in San Jose, CA and provides marketing
support for Hirose’s RF, 5G, and CE solutions. Mark has held various technology and business
roles in Silicon Valley for
over 20 years.

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