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Integrating Technology and Marketing to Meet Market Needs


Due to Hirose's advanced technologies and diverse development capabilities, we are able to offer line up of more than 50,000 products. In addition, our policy is to ensure that at least 30% of total sales are from new products. Yokohama Center, where this development started, has been functioning as company headquarters from July 1, 2020. By creating a technology network that links engineering, manufacturing, and quality assurance with sales, marketing and administration, we can quickly develop new products that combine high applicability and added value to meet global market needs.

The systems that produce advanced
and leading-edge products and the support systems

We take the lead in developing and quickly producing heretofore unbegotten products. We develop new products through tireless R&D that links our product development team with our sales and marketing team.
Our stable production and reliability of a continuing succession of new cutting-edge products is supported by our production technology and quality control system. Our production technology department meets production demand for a broad range of connectors with an integrated development system covering everything from advanced molds to automatic assembly machinery and tools. On the other hand, our quality control department, which sets a 100% no-defect rate as its guiding principle, not only conducts quality inspections but also maintains a strong awareness of how customers use our products and conducts repeated verifications and improvements from a variety of angles.

Hirose Production System

Hirose has developed a manufacturing network which consist of Hirose factories and subcontracting companies.

Hirose has become a global leader in the development of production equipment, mold technology, and engineering research in plating by developing core production technologies together with our subcontracting partners. For mass-production, the Hirose factory in Japan designs, refines and readies production equipment to the highest degree which is then deployed to our subcontract partners for production. The 8 Hirose factories (Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, two in China and three in Japan) and subcontracting companies have formed a production network to maintain a stable source of supply while maintaining the highest level of quality. This partnership has allowed Hirose to develop cutting edge technology by collaborating and sharing Kaizen (continuous improvement) activity.

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