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Hirose Expands the Infrastructure for Future Ethernet Communication Design by Partnering with Amphenol on Release of ix Industrial™ Connector  March 5, 2020

Hirose Expands the Infrastructure for Future Ethernet Communication Design by Partnering with Amphenol on Release of ix Industrial™ Connector


●Meeting the demands of Industry 4.0 Ethernet connectivity by working together with key interconnect technology partners


<March 5, 2020> Hirose would like to announce our partnership on the release of ix Industrial™ connectors by Amphenol. The ix Industrial™ is an ideal connection solution for Factory and Process Automation, Machine to Machine communication, Robotics, Sensors, Human Interface devices and other devices needing Ethernet IIoT connectivity in an automated industrial environment due to its rugged, EMC resistant IEC 61076-3-124 design and Cat.6A high speed performance.


●How Hirose has been Revolutionizing the Industrial Market with ix


Since its release in 2017, the ix Industrial™ has been used in a variety of industrial markets such as Factory Automation, robotics and machine vision.
The ix Industrial™ has been adopted by several big industrial customers due to its space-saving and durable Ethernet connection design for smart factory equipment including Servo Drives and Robot Controllers.
In the machine vision market, the ix Industrial has been certified as a GigE Vision® standard connector. This global interface standard developed by the Automated Image Association (AIA) is a widely adopted interface standard for Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) communication standards.
Furthermore an ix Industrial™ adapter by Fluke Networks is also available. The adapter is used by cable makers and installation contractors to test whether LAN cables satisfy Ethernet signal transmission.
The ix Industrial has already established a track record of success in the industrial market and Hirose aims to continue to expand its use as a standard Ethernet connector in a wide array of industrial devices and equipment.


●Designed in collaboration with technology partners


Hirose’s ix Industrial™, while already compatible with our development partner Harting’s ix Industrial™ connector, is also intermatable with Amphenol’s ix Industrial™ interface. By providing a cutting-edge product through the cooperation of major connection technology partners, Hirose continues to strive to meet the needs for a new miniaturized standard Ethernet connector in Industry 4.0.




HIROSE Electric, as one of the world’s leaders in the connectivity industry, specializes in the challenging development and manufacture of electronic connectors in a wide range of industries, including industrial, automotive, information & communication, medical and consumer electronics particularly for the smartphone. With more than 80 years of experience, HIROSE’s expertise is not only miniaturizing, but also high-speed, high-reliability, high-power and advanced manufactory technologies. HIROSE has 28 sales offices globally, 8 manufacturing facilities in 18 different countries, with dedicated teams of over 4,500 professionals generating sales of JPY 125 billion in the 2017/18 fiscal year.


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