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Hirose’s Social responsibilities,such as environmental conservation,compliance, etc.


We have established this CSR website for the purpose of actively disclosing the roles we will play in the development of a sustainable society.

By reviewing our existing activities in such areas as environment preservation and compliance within the framework of "CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)," we are striving to promote CSR as a part of our corporate policy.

Our idea of CSR is based upon two basic principles: "connecting wisdom" and "the principle of ‘being small’." These principles represent our aspiration that we should always consider ourselves small, stay humble enough to learn from people outside our company, and connect the enormous amount of wisdom we acquire through such learning to the knowledge we have cultivated by ourselves. In this way, we aim to maintain a high-quality management culture with an efficient organization.

This philosophy will also serve as the basis for our CSR activities. We will fulfill our social responsibilities by ensuring that each of our employees plays his/her role with an honest and humble attitude for the sake of the development of a global society. This website shall serve as the medium through which we will communicate the details of our CSR activities.

Kazunori Ishii / President and Representative Director