Hirose’s Social responsibilities,such as environmental conservation,compliance, etc.



1.1.Basic principle

All our employees always keep in mind that we should deliver "high-value added products" that satisfy customers, while "giving top priority to product quality." These principles are shared with all our employees through our "Quality policy".

1.2.Product Quality/Quality Management

For the purpose of always delivering valuable products to customers, we have established a quality management system that covers all activities (planning, design, production, distribution, and service, in connection with products) and work to improve quality every day.

1.2.1.Improvement of Design Quality—Product Quality that Satisfies Customers

We sell as many as fifty-something thousand kinds of products, many of which are constantly revised into new products. By establishing a unique development system, in which even engineers actively visit customers in order to keep up with customers' current needs, and by having not only the Technical Section but also the Production Techniques, Production, Purchase, and Quality Assurance Sections join the development team, we aim to supply high-value added products that will satisfy customers, in a short development period.
Furthermore, with regard to our products and services, we provide the information required by customers in a timely manner and ensure that every employee tries to quickly respond to customers' inquiries.

1.2.2.Top-down and Bottom-up Quality Improvement

The policies, strategies, and goals concerning quality, as well as important measures for quality improvement, are discussed and determined in Quality Manage ment meetings. Quality goals, when incorporated into management policies, are made known to each employee of each section, and continuous quality improvement is being promoted under the guidance of the top management.
Furthermore, we are engaged in various quality improvement activities for the purpose of realizing strong workplaces in which employees can think and solve problems all by themselves.

Improvement Activities Conducted by Each Assembly Line
In production sites, all the connector assembly lines are registered and compete with each other for improvement with the goal of "100% non-defective products," thereby improving manufacturing quality.
Quality Control Activities
Hirose Electric and its Group companies, including its business partners, are promoting Quality Control activities at production sites both at home and abroad. We aim to improve the product consciousness, create bright workplaces, and enhance the abilities to improve the manufacturing sites, through connections of all the workers at the workplace.
Essays on "My Quality Assurance"
Every year we solicit essays under the theme of "My Quality Assurance" from our production sites and those of our Group companies (including business partners), both at home and abroad, and put together a collection of essays.
This essay contest provides an opportunity for each worker to think about quality and express his/her opinion. By selecting the best essays from among more than two thousand applications and by publishing and distributing them as a collection of essays, we can let particular cases at production sites be known to more employees and enhance quality consciousness at production sites.


2.1.Purchase Policies

For the purpose of establishing strong partnership with and operating in cooperation with suppliers, we have established "Purchase Management Regulations" specifying our purchase policies and conduct purchase activities in accordance with these Regulations.

2.2.Promotion of CSR

As a parts manufacturer, we believe it is important to promote our CSR as our responsibility to our customers and to have our suppliers do the same.
Furthermore, as we have formed a Hirose production system in which our factory collaborates with our suppliers in terms of production, promotion of CSR by such suppliers is imperative.
We request our suppliers to establish systems concerning "fair trade and ethics," "human rights and labor," "occupational safety," "environmental protection," "information control," and other items.

2.3.Green Procurement

We have established the Green Procurement Guideline and try to procure only those raw materials and equipment that do not contain hazardous substances according to the Guideline ("Green Procurement"), by presenting the Guideline to our suppliers.

2.4.Responsible Minerals Procurement

We promotes “Responsible Minerals Procurement” to fulfill our social responsibility in supply chain. We procures the minerals without involvement in conflicts, human rights violation or labor issues.
Responsible Minerals Procurement Policy [PDF]


3.1.Human Resources Development

We provide education and trainings in a planned and consistent manner for the purpose of cultivating human resources who understand our management principles, firmly collaborate in achieving our goals, and are active globally.

Promotion of Globalization
We provide language trainings (especially English training) for the purpose of our employees' language development and send our employees to work overseas through overseas study programs, etc., thereby actively cultivating human resources who can work globally.
Provision of Organizational-level and Manager Trainings
We provide various trainings according to employees' organizational level, from new recruits to executives, so that each of them can understand our management principles and acquire the attitudes and skills appropriate for their organizational level.

3.2.Safety and Health Activities

We make efforts to create workplace environments that are considerate of our employees' safety and physical/mental health, and take measures for prevention of disasters and to respond to emergencies.

Development of Safe Workplaces
Annually, we conduct workplace patrol and risk assessment at every office in order to detect and prevent potential dangers hidden in the workplace. In addition, we continue to provide trainings on safety.
Traffic Safety
For the purpose of eliminating automobile accidents involving company cars and offices that permit commuting by car, we conduct safe driving trainings at each office with the help of the local police station, trying to make our employees conscious about safe driving.
Health Control
We encourage our employees to have and follow up the results of routine physical examinations and complete medical checkups. Recently, we have established a consulting system in which our employees can consult our contracted industrial physicians and counselors, and we have begun to provide training sessions for managers, as measures for mental healthcare.
Fire Prevention
With regard to fire prevention, we have established a self-defense fire-fighting team at every office and conduct an emergency drill, including escape, notification, and initial firefighting, with the help of the local fire department every year.


4.1.Disclosure Policy

We are trying to promote understanding among stakeholders (including shareholders and investors) toward us, achieve accountability, and increase the transparency of the management, by disclosing necessary information in an accurate, fair, and timely manner.
Furthermore, in addition to information on material facts defined in the timely disclosure regulations of stock exchanges on which we are listed, we will disclose other information that we consider effective for promoting understanding toward us.
Through such timely and adequate information disclosure, we will build a good relationship of trust with the capital market and try to reflect market evaluations in our corporate management, thereby boosting shareholder value.

4.2.IR Activities

In accordance with the disclosure policy, we are appropriately providing information to stakeholders through results briefings and on other occasions. Furthermore, we are transmitting information through our website in order to convey the composition of our finances and other important business information widely.


In the section "Social Contribution" of the "HRS Code of Business Conduct", we state, "We will contribute to society through our personal and material assets, as well as by interacting actively with the communities in which we operate. In foreign countries, we will respect the culture and customs of that country, and we will contribute to the development of its communities. We will also try to contribute to society in our daily life." Every one of our employees acts in accordance with these policies.
Furthermore, "Hirose Foundation" a foundation in which our President serves as an executive director, provides scholarships to foreign students from the Asian countries. On top of that, we provide comprehensive support to artistic and cultural activities.