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DF58 Series


DF58 Series, 1.2mm Pitch, Low Profile, Wire-to-Board Connectors for Power Supply

Hirose has introduced the DF58 series to deliver a space-saving, low profile, Wire-to-Board connectivity solution for miniature applications. The connector range consists of crimp sockets and headers in a single row.

The mated height profile is minimised to 1.0mm and the depth to 4.97mm to reduce the space needed on the board.

Although the connector is miniature in size the power rating is not comprised. A high current rating capability of 3A (using the 2 contact version with 28AWG cable) can be achieved to support power supply applications.

Secure connection is guaranteed with the ViSe (Vertical-insertion Swing-extraction) double-locking mechanism. The crimp socket is mated to the header in a vertical direction; however it is guided in at an angle to engage with the positive lock. This ensures high retention force in the upper direction and prevents the cables from easily being disconnected. The friction lock prevents incomplete locking and floating after mating.

Highly reliable 2-point clipping contacts are utilised to stabilize contact resistance and reduce temperature rise.

Furthermore, a long effective mating length of 0.29mm is achieved even though the low profile mated height is low at only 1.0mm.

Key Features

· Number of contacts: 2, 3, 4, 6

· Contact Pitch: 1.2mm

· Current rating: 3.0A signal (2 contact version: 28AWG cable)   

· Voltage Rating: AC/DC 100V

· Cable size: AWG 28-30

· Mating cycles: 10

A wide range of applications are suitable such as wearable devices, service robots, drones, medical devices, point-of-sale equipment, digital cameras and many other small portable devices.