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New video content from the CESA 4.0 exhibition

Our field application engineer talks about the Hirose brand, company profile and joint product development plans for the new ix Industrial connector in collaboration with Harting 

Video interview with our Field Application Engineer Jose Pereira Leite from our French team during CESA 4.0 exhibition in Paris. Interviewed by the French magazine Electronique Mag, he introduces our company profile and explains how innovative we are. Our Japanese company was created 80 years ago and we employ more than 4,200 people worldwide. We just created a partnership with Harting to develop the ix Industrial connectors to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0 and IoT applications.

Corporate Data:

•             HRS - Japanese company

•             80th corporate anniversary next year

•             Approximately 4200 employees

Development and Production Outfit:

•             Yokohama center Headquarter

Global Network:

•             3 factories in Japan

•             5 factories located in China, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia

•             European Headquarters in Amsterdam

•             Sales office in Europe (UK / Germany / France)

•             More than 50 000 connector variations  

HRS Management Principles:

•             Market focus for Europe: Industrial and Automotive 

•             We like to be always innovative

•             Innovative collaboration: Harting