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FX8/FX8C Series

FX8/FX8C Series, 0.6mm Pitch, Board-to-Board connectors deliver high-speed transmission

The FX8 / FX8C series has been introduced to meet the requirement for high-speed connectors suitable for industrial applications. FX8/FX8C can handle up to 3.125Gbps transmission speed with excellent signal integrity properties.

The connector range consists of surface-mount, vertical, board-to-board headers and receptacles which provide for a parallel connection. These are available in 3mm – 16mm stack heights.

Small mating guide ribs are provided to secure a self alignment tolerance of +/- 0.6mm allowing flexibility in the design. The mating wiping distance is 2mm ensuring effective electrical continuity. Guide posts (bosses) are provided with different diameters to avoid incorrect insertion into the board. Optional, dual, side by side versions are fixed together with a removable joining bar; this enhances the mating reliability if required.

FX8 / FX8C series is part of the FunctionMAX product family. FunctionMAX consists of board-to-board connectors designed to meet the requirements of the industrial market with maximum functionality.


Key Features

· Contact sizes: 40 - 280 (in most sizes)

· Pitch: 0.6mm

· Current rating: 0.4A

· Voltage rating: 100V

· Stack heights: (FX8) 3, 4mm; (FX8C) 5 - 16mm

· Versions: Parallel

· Mating cycles: 50


Suitable applications are industrial equipment, medical devices, POS terminal, servers and broadcast equipment, and many more.