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FX23 Series Board-to-Board Connector DETAIL
CX70 Series Mid-mount USB Type-C Connector Saves PCB Space DETAIL
BM29 Series Ultra Compact Hybrid Board to FPC Connectors DETAIL
KN27 Series LED Lighting Module Connector DETAIL
EV2 Series Waterproof Shielded Connector Supporting 200A DETAIL
IX Series Compact and Rugged I/O Connector with Positive Lock and 3Gbps Data Transmission DETAIL
FH58 Series 0.2 mm Pitch, 0.9 mm Height, Top & Bottom Contact, Back Flip FPC Connector DETAIL
FH53 Series 0.2 mm Pitch, 0.65 mm Height, Top Contact, Back Flip FPC Connector DETAIL
PS4 Series Busbar Plug-in Connector Supporting 150 Amps/300 Amps with Floating Capability DETAIL
BNC75 Series 12G-SDI Standard Compliant, 75Ω, RF Connector DETAIL
EF1 Series Simple Assembly In-Line Power Connector Up to 160 Amps DETAIL
DF40GL Series 0.4mm Pitch/1.5mm Height, Positive Lock, High Speed Transmission, Shielded FPC to Board Connector DETAIL
FH64MA Series 0.25mm Pitch, 0.5mm Height, Top Contact, Back Flip FPC connector DETAIL
FX30B Series Board to Board Power Connectors Up to 13-25A / line with Misalignment Absorbing Structure  DETAIL
FH65 Series 0.5mm Pitch, 1.2mm Height, 125° Heat Resistant, Low Profile & Space Saving FPC/FFC Connector   DETAIL
MF11BMT Series Waterproof Compact Size Optical Connector with MT Ferrule  DETAIL
FX10-3 Pc. Series Board to Board Power Connectors with Unique Ground Connection Design  DETAIL
EM35M Series Power Supply Connector Up to 70 Amps DETAIL
ER8 Series High Speed Board to Board Connector DETAIL
FH53M Series 0.25 mm Pitch, 0.65 mm Height, Top Contact, Back Flip FPC Connector DETAIL
ix Industrial Series Compact I/O Connector Provides PCB Space Saving of up to 75% compared to RJ45 DETAIL
BM28 Series Space Saving, Hybrid Board to FPC Connectors Up to 5A DETAIL