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BK22 Series 0.4mm Pitch, 0.7mm Stacking Height, 15A Rated Current, Power/Signal Hybrid FPC-to-Board Connector DETAIL
DF51B Series [SignalBee™] 2mm Pitch, Positive Lock Wire-to-Board Connector (UL,C-UL Listed) Branch Version DETAIL
U.FL(K) Series 2.5mm Mated Height Max. Micro Coaxial Connector DETAIL
U.FL(A) Series Up to 18GHz Performance with 50% more retention! DETAIL
IX40G Series Advance with ix Industrial - IEC Standard Compliant (IEC 61076-3-124) ix Industrial TM In-line Jack DETAIL
BK10 Series 0.3mm Pitch, 0.5mm Stacking Height, Fully Armored, Hybrid FPC-to-Board Connector DETAIL
BM57 Series

0.3mm Pitch / Stacking Height 0.6mm / Width 1.9mm, Low-Profile Hybrid FPC-to-Board Connector Supporting 5A

CX90MW6-16P Series Waterproof Mid-Mount USB Type-C Receptacle DETAIL
CX90BW-16P Series Waterproof Top-Mount USB Type-C Receptacle DETAIL
DF40 Series 0.4mm Pitch, 1.5 to 4.0mm Height, Board-to-Board and Board-to-FPC Connectors DETAIL
FX26 Series 1mm pitch, Up to 140℃, High Performing Board-to-Board Connector in Vibration Environments DETAIL
BH12 Series 20A Current, Compact, Waterproof, Signal and Power Hybrid Connector DETAIL
C.FL Series 0.92mm mated height Low Height and Light Weight Miniature Coaxial Connectors Supporting up to 30GHz DETAIL
ZH05 Series 2mm Pitch Wire-to-Board Connector with Short-Circuit/Electric Shock Prevention Design DETAIL
FH75 Series 0.5mm Pitch / 2mm Height, Two-Point Contact,125℃ Heat Resistance, FPC/FFC Connector DETAIL
GT21 Series Compact Connector for Coaxial Cable DETAIL
GT50 Series 1mm Pitch, Single Row, Small Size, Heat/Vibration Resistant Wire-to-Board Connector for Internal Automotive Connections DETAIL
TF43SW Series 0.5mm Pitch / 1.2mm Height / Bottom Contact, Power & Signal Hybrid FPC/FFC Connector Supporting 12A DETAIL
BM50 Series 0.35mm Pitch, 0.6mm Stacking Height, 15A Rated Current, Power/Signal Hybrid FPC-to-Board Connector DETAIL
DF62WP Series Water Resistant, Slim In-line Connector for Internal Wiring DETAIL
KW30 Series 1mm Pitch, Single-row, Center Lock, Wire-to-Board Connector DETAIL
FH69 Series 0.5mm Pitch, 2.3mm Height, Top and Bottom Independent 2-point Contact, 125℃ Heat Resistance FPC/FFC Connector DETAIL