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One Action FPC/FFC Connectors One Action FH™

One Action FPC/FFC Connector One Action FH™
One Action FH can be connected by simply inserting the FPC/FFC without touching the actuator. It is also effective for robot assembly, and by reducing the number of operations steps from three to one, the work time can be greatly reduced.
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3 Features of One Action FH™ that Realize Design Freedom and Automated Assembly

Connection just by insertion

Unlike the conventional connection process of opening the actuator, inserting the FPC/FFC and then closing the actuator, connection is completed by just inserting the FPC/FFC with One Action FH. There is no need to touch the actuator when connecting, preventing actuator damage. Locking is completed at the same time as the FPC/FFC insertion so incomplete mating does not occur. The work time and number of operation steps are reduced to 1/3rd for a significant reduction in man-hours.

work time 1/3
number of steps 1/3
Contributes to Automation -Supports Robot Assembly-

One Action FH features a large taper on the opening to allow smooth insertion. The unique spring design reduces the insertion force of the FPC/FFC and dramatically improves the insertion performance, enabling easy operation for both humans and robots.

Robot assembly is possible.
Increased Design Flexibility -Easy Connection in Narrow Spaces-

Convention products require actuator operation when inserting the FPC/FFC. Therefore, it is difficult to open and close the actuator if there is another component placed nearby. With One Action FH, only insertion is required. As long as there is space for FPC/FFC insertion then connection can be achieved even in narrow spaces.

No Problems even with other parts nearby since only insertion is required.

Application Examples

​Mobile Devices: Display (Around the Touch Panel), Smartwatch​
Smart Homes: Smart Speaker, Smart Lock

Smart Homes: Smart Speaker, Smart Lock

Automotive Equipment: Car Navigation, Motion Sensor Camera


FPC insertion/extraction by robot

FPC insertion/extraction by hand

Series Comparison (Series List)

Series Comparison (Series List)
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Hirose's Approach to Automotive Connectors

In cases where the application will demand a high level of reliability, such as automotive, please contact a company representative for further information.