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FH63 Series, 0.5mm Pitch, Single Action Lock, FFC/FPC/Shield FFC Connector

HIROSE has introduced the FH63 series range of Flat Flexible Circuit/ Flat Printed Circuit (FFC/FPC) connectors to allow automated insertion of a FFC/FPC, ideal for industrial and automotive applications.

The connector series is 105 °C heat resistant and meets severe automotive requirements, and supports the signal transmission requirements of Embedded Display Port 1.3, HDMI 1.4a, USB 3.0, and V-by-One HS.

A unique single action lock allows a FFC/FPC to be inserted into the connector without opening the lock lever. This can be done with one hand or by automated machinery to save valuable assembly time and reduce mating failure.

Two-point independent spring beam contacts are utilized to reduce contact failure caused by contamination. The spring allows the contacts to move and wipe dust from the contact path, if any dust remains the second contact point will make the connection. In addition, the spring structure together with wide tapers allows easier insertion of the FFC/FPC.

High retention FFC/FPC force is achieved by the robust locking mechanism. This firmly retains the tabbed FFC/FPC into position to secure mating.

The correct placement of the FFC/FPC can be visually inspected through small openings in the top surface of the connector.

Solder wicking is prevented by a special nickel barrier that is applied to the contacts. Flux is also prevented by wide spaces in the mounting area.

The FH63 can accept a FFC, FPC or shielded FFC for EMI prevention allowing flexible design options.


Key Features

· Number of contacts: 30

· Contact Pitch: 0.5 mm

· Current rating: 0.5A

· Voltage Rating: AC/DC50V

· Single action lock

· RoHS compliant

· Halogen-free


Ideal applications are car navigation systems, in vehicle cameras, car infotainment, handheld gaming systems, FA camera, industrial control equipment, servo amplifier,