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TM41 Series – Weather Resistant, IP67, RJ45 Connector Hood

The TM41 connector hoods give IP67 rated water-resistant protection for RJ45 modular connectors.

The series comprises of a plug and receptacle hood. A water sealing cap is available for the receptacle. Weather resistant plastic materials have been utilised so that the hoods are suitable for outdoor use.

The connector hoods are easy to assemble in three quick steps. First the RJ45 receptacle and plug (not included) are mated together. The coupling ring from the plug hood can then be attached to the panel mounted receptacle hood. The assembly process is finalised by attaching the tightening ring to the rear of the coupling ring to secure the connection and ensure a reliable connection. During this process the cable and gasket is simultaneously sealed and clamped to give dust protection and IP67 water-resistant rating.

The misalignment feature absorbs a misalignment tolerance of +/- 1mm between the board and the panel in XYZ directions to allow design flexibility. In addition, there is clearance between the RJ45 plug and the hood to allow freedom of movement for the RJ45 plug latch.

RJ45 modular connectors are available separately for the hood. The popular TM11 (Cat 5), TM21 (Cat 6) and TM31 (Cat 6A) series can be used with the TM41 series hood when water-resistance is required.

The TM41 series shares the same panel cut-out design with the 3 position circular, HR41 series that offers 20A high current rating.


Key Features

· RJ45 Modular jack hood

· IP67 waterproof rating

· Misalignment feature

· Easy assembly

· Compatible with RJ45 modular connectors


Suitable for robots, outdoor surveillance cameras, base transmission stations and other industrial applications.