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TM11 Series – Shielded, RJ45, Cat. 5 Performance Modular Connectors 

The TM11 series delivers a high-speed connectivity solution for Fast Ethernet 100BASE-TX applications.

The connector range consists of modular plugs and single or multiple port jacks that fully comply with TIA/EIA-568-B data wiring standard and meets with Cat. 5 performance. The modular jacks feature (optional) optical indicators that are integrated into the connector to save board space and decrease electrical noise. In addition, versions with pulse transformers are available.

The shield around the modular jack outer surface and the built-in multiple shield and ground contacts provide a reliable panel mount connection. In addition, the metal shield on the plug gives protection against electromagnetic interference due to the 360° coverage of the engagement area. When mated together the shield surfaces are securely connected to provide a reliable continuous circuit.

A wire guide is available (can be ordered separately or included in a kit) to allow easy alignment of the cable conductors inside the plug housing. The user-friendly hand tool clamps the cable and terminates the IDC contacts in one simultaneous operation saving time. The hand tool can also be used on the popular TM21 and TM31 series.

The TM11P covers are available in 8 different colours as shown. In addition angled covers are available for design flexibility. Foldable one piece covers from the TM21P series allow easy access to the plug termination area and can also be used on the TM11 series*.


*TM21P foldable covers mechanically fit the TM11 series; however the cable diameter outlet is slightly larger being based on the TM21, 6.6mm cable diameter instead of TM11, 5mm cable diameter.


Key Features

· Number of positions: 8

· Current rating: Plug: 0.5A; Jack: 1A

· Voltage rating: 125V

· Compliance category: CAT. 5

· Cable size: AWG26-27

· Operating temperature: -55°C to + 85°C


Suitable for telecom hubs, switches, routers, medical diagnostic equipment, test & measurement equipment, switches interfaces, LAN networking equipment that supports Fast Ethernet 100BASE-TX.