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Connecting Cars, Connecting Hirose  - 12 Recommended Automotive Connectors -
ZE05 Series
ZH05 Series
ZE064W Series
GT50 Series
FX26 Series
FX23/FX23L Series
BM54 Series
DF40T Series
FH75/FH75M Series
FH52K Series
GT43 Series
GT32 Series

In recent years, demand for connectors in the automotive field has been increasing due to technological innovations in automatic driving and the shift to EVs. Automotive connectors are required to have high performance such as high heat resistance and high vibration resistance. This feature page introduces a total of 12 wire-to-board, interface, board-to-board, and FPC/FFC connector series that Hirose is proud to offer for various automotive applications.

Connectors for Automotive

Automated Driving/ADAS Application Examples and Recommended Connectors

Automated Driving/ADAS Application Examples (Powertrain, Sensing Devices Including Camera, Infortainment)

Highly Reliable Interface/ Wire-to-Board Connectors

Vibration Resistance : Clears the Intense Vibration Conditions Required for Automotive Use

The ZE064W Series and ZE05 Series can be safely used as automotive interface connectors where vibration is present. (The following test data is for the ZE064W and ZE05 Series)

Combined Vibration Test Data (Current Monitoring Chart) Hirose Electric Item has stabled contact resistance for 300 hours.

High Heat Resistance : Suitable for Use in High Temperature Environments up to 125℃

We have conducted rigorous tests required for automotive products, including thermal shock testing (-40 to 125℃for 3,000 cycles), and have verified that there are no issues. (The following test data is for the ZE064W and ZE05 Series)

Thermal Shock Data (Current Monitoring Chart) Hirose Electric Item has stabled contact resistance for 3000 cycles.

Short-Circuit/Electric Shock Prevention Design (Only Specified Products)

A box-shaped female contact is used for the board-side connector. Physically insulating the connector with resin enables an innovative design that prevents both short circuit from dust adhesion and electrical shock from workers touching the contacts.

Waterproof : IP67/IP69K Compliant (Only Specified Products)

The internal automotive connector ZE05 Series can be combined with this compact and waterproof connector for automotive interface, which makes this combination ideal for all circumstances including when waterproof performance is required.

Main Series

ZE05 Series

(1)ZE05 Series
125℃ Heat Resistance, Small Wire-to-Board Connector with High Vibration

Suited for use in 8.9G environments, this small connector with enhanced vibration resistance is ideal for the engine room. Making the male and female contact out of the same materials eliminates the effects of heat shrinkage for heat resistance up to 125℃. Furthermore the space-saving design of the 0.5 terminal tab size and 2mm pitch contributes to reduced equipment size.

ZH05 Series

(2)ZH05 Series
Wire-to-Board Connector with Short-Circuit/Electric Shock Prevention Design

The ZH05 Series withstands temperatures of up to 125℃ and has high vibration resistance. In addition, it is designed to prevent short circuits caused by dust adhesion as well as electric shocks to workers. This automotive connector can be used for a wide range of automotive electronic components such as automotive batteries, automotive chargers, and various ECUs.


(3)ZE064W Series
Compact, 125℃ Waterproof Interface Connector with High Vibration

Suited for use in 8.9G environments, this compact and waterproof connector with enhanced vibration resistance is ideal for the engine room. The thickness and length of the female contact were made as thin and short as possible, resulting in an 80% reduction in size compared to competitors. The waterproof performance is compliant with IP67/IP69K standards.

Connectors for Automotive

Wire-to-Board Connectors for Internal Connection

Small Connector with 1mm Pitch

GT50 is a small connector with 1mm pitch and 5.97mm height. The applicable cable size is a thin 0.08sq, about 75% lighter* than the 0.3sq size cable that is often used for internal connection in automotive applications.

* Weight comparison with generic cables

Vibration and Heat Resistant Automotive Quality Contact Design

The optimized cable crimp area and the stabilizer that prevents the contacts from moving inside the housing ensures vibration resistance even in harsh automotive environments. Compared to a similar sized connector used in consumer appliances, GT50 reduces wear on the contacts. In addition, the heat resistant material of the crimp contact ensure 125℃ heat resistance.

Main Series

GT50 Series

(4)GT50 Series
1mm Pitch, Small, Heat/Vibration Resistant Wire-to-Board Connector

A compact and highly robust connector meeting all automotive requirements. The contact design and material provide high vibration resistance and 125℃ heat resistance, making it ideal for automotive applications.

Connectors for Automotive

Floating Board-to-Board Connectors

Floating Design

Advantages of Floating Design. Multiple connectors can be used on a single PCB board. It absorbs misalignment on the board, ideal for robot assembly. Reduces stress on mounting portion

Vibration Resistance Design that Clears the Severe Vibration Conditions for Equipment Installed in the Engine Room

Standard floating connectors are vulnerable to vibration in the Z direction. However the FX26 Series solves this with its unique floating design, achieving unmatched vibration resistance. The floating portion on the header enables ±0.7mm floating in the X and Y directions and a tolerance of ±0.75mm in the Z direction between boards. The design prevents misalignment during board installation and mounting.

Vibration Resistance

140℃ Heat Resistance Withstands Harsh Automotive Temperature Environments

We have conducted rigorous tests required for automotive products, including thermal shock testing (-40 to +140℃ for 1,000 cycles) and high temperature exposure testing (left at 140℃ for 1,000 hours) and verified that there are no issues. FX26 can be used at any connection point in sets exposed to high heat including inverters.

Main Series

FX26 Series

(5)FX26 Series
140℃ Heat and Vibration Resistant Board-to-Board Floating Connector

FX26 is a high spec. connector with 140℃ heat resistance that was developed with the aim of providing performance for engine room usage. This product has vibration resistance characteristics, a floating design and small size (1mm pitch) with two-point contacts to ensure it can be used safely even in a high temperature environment of 140℃ with continuous vibration.

*The CES Innovation Awards are based upon descriptive materials submitted to the judges. CTA did not verify the accuracy of any submission or of any claims made and did not test the item to which the award was given.

FX26 Series

(6)FX23/FX23L Series
8+Gbps High Speed Transmission, 0.5mm Pitch, Board-to-Board Floating Connector

The FX23/FX23L combines high speed transmission with ±0.6mm floating range. 3A power contacts are provided to reduce the number of positions. Stacking height variations from 8 to 30 mm are available to suit your equipment design.

BM54 Series

(7)BM54 Series 
Small Board-to-Board Connector, Floating Desing

The BM54 series is a board-to-board connector that combines floating functionality and compact size to meet automotive specifications. It has a generous floating amount of ±0.4mm in the XY direction, yet is compact with 3.8mm width. Floating also improves assembly work efficiency by absorbing board misalignment.

Connectors for Automotive

FPC-to-Board Connectors

Heat Resistance Up to 125℃ Withstands Harsh Automotive Temperature Environments

A variety of rigorous tests required for in-vehicle products, including a thermal shock test (-55 to +125℃ for 1,000 cycles) and a high temperature storage test (125℃, 1,000 hours), have been performed to verify that there are no issues.

High Speed Transmission : Responds to the Increasing Needs for High Speed Transmission in the Automotive Sector with Reliable Performance and Design

With the increasing resolution of cameras and sensors, connectors are required to have excellent high speed transmission characteristics. Connectors supporting high speed transmission speeds up to 16Gbps (PCI Express 4.0 compliant) meet cutting-edge needs.

Metal Shielding for Superior EMI (Only Specified Products)

The shield plate on the receptacle side and the contacts between the shield plate and the retention tabs placed at the four corners strengthen grounding and thus greatly significantly reduce EMI.

DF40T Series

(8)DF40T Series
FPC-to-Board Connector Combining Heat Resistance, Contact Reliability and Robustness while Supporting 16Gbps High Speed Transmission

The DF40T Series is an FPC-to-Board connector ideal for applications requiring high reliability, such as 125℃ heat resistant automotive electrical equipment. The high speed transmission up to 16Gbps and the unique terminal design ensure high contact reliability and retention force.
The shielded type prevents EMI via the receptacle side shield plate.

Connectors for Automotive

FPC/FFC Connectors

Highly Reliable Terminal Design (Contact Reliability, High Retention Force, Robust)

When assembled, the connector has sufficient mating length in order to absorb tolerance and maintain contact reliability. During mating, ribs on both sides of the connector fit together to absorb impact stress for enhanced robustness.

Connection Just by Insertion (Only Specified Products)

Unlike the conventional connection process of opening the actuator, inserting the FPC/FFC and then closing the actuator, connection is completed by just inserting the FPC/FFC with One Action FH. There is no need to touch the actuator when connecting, preventing actuator damage. Locking is completed at the same time as the FPC/FFC insertion so incomplete mating does not occur. The work time and number of operation steps are reduced to 1/3rd for a significant reduction in man-hours.

125℃ Heat Resistance : Suitable for Use in High Temperature Environments Up to 125℃ (Only Specified Products)

We have conducted strict tests required for automotive devices including temperature cycle tests (-55 to +125℃, 1,000 cycles) and heat resistance tests (125℃ for 1,000 hours) and verified that there are no problems.

Main Series

FH75/FH75M Series

(9)FH75/FH75M Series
Independent Two-Point Contact, 125℃ Heat Resistant FPC/FFC Connector

The FH75/FH75M Series supports a high temperature of 125℃ due to the enhanced contact material and design. Also, high contact reliability is achieved with the high FPC/FFC retention force and two-point contact design. This FPC/FFC connector is ideal for automotive devices because it meets the severe test conditions of the industry and ensures high reliability in harsh environments.
0.5 mm Pitch: FH75 Series
0.4 mm Pitch: FH75M Series

FH52K Series

(10)FH52K Series
Highly Reliable General Purpose FPC/FFC Connector

The FH52K is a high heat resistant variation of the best-selling FPC/FFC connector the FH52 Series, which has been widely adopted. The FH52K maintains the conventional features of high FPC/FFC retention force with a robust locking design, and achieves up to 125°C operating temperature by using heat resistant contact materials.

Connectors for Automotive

High Frequency / High Speed Wire-to-Board Connectors

Noise Resistant Design

The external current route on the shield case enables a shorter path to the GND plane, such as the board, for enhanced noise resistance.

Satisfies Severe Automotive Requirements

These connectors have passed various rigorous tests required for automotive products, including shock, vibration resistance, thermal shock and high heat-temperature testing.

GT43 Series

(11)GT43 Series
Supports LVDS, Shielded Coaxial Connector

The compact GT43 Series has passed various noise tests and offers stable transmission performance. GT43 supports 3GHz high frequency. A wide variety of colors and key variations are available to suit your application needs.

GT32 Series

(12)GT32 Series
Automotive Shielded Connectors for High Speed Transmission

The fully shielded design supports high speed transmission up to 2.2Gbps. This connector is ideal for automotive devices, meets severe automotive requirements and ensures high reliability to withstand harsh environments.

Connectors for Automotive
Hirose's Approach to Automotive Connectors

*In cases where the application will demand a high level of reliability, such as automotive, please contact a company representative for further information.