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Quality High Power Guaranteed Even in the Temperature/Vibration Environment of the Engine Room: -40 to 125 ℃
ZE05/ZE064W Series for Automotive Applications


The spread of HEVs and EVs has led to a rapid increase in vehicle electrification. The automotive connector series ZE05/ZE064W is used in electronic control units (ECUs) that electronically control various in-vehicle applications and in automotive electrical equipment such as converters, inverters, and batteries.

This product was developed with the durability and reliability to withstand the heat and vibration conditions in automobiles. It has high heat resistance (-40 ℃ to 125 ℃) due to optimization of its materials and design, and high vibration resistance due to the unique contacts. The ZE05 Series is recommended for use inside vehicles, and the waterproof ZE064W Series is recommended for external use.


Product Specifications

Standard Characteristics

Rated Current 5A (Mono-pole)/ 2A (24pos.)
Rated Voltage 60AC/ DC
1000V AC for 1 min.
100MΩ Min. (500 V DC)
-40 to +125℃
Mating Durability 30 times

Applicable Cable

ZE05 Series:20-22 AWG (0.3-0.5sq)
ZE064W Series:20-22 AWG (0.3-0.5sq), Ø1.4-1.7mm Wire Diameter

Series for Automotive


Heat Resistance up to 125℃ for Engine Room Temperature Coverage

We have conducted rigorous tests required for automotive products, including thermal shock testing (-40 to 125℃for 3,000 cycles), and have verified that there are no issues.

Withstands Continuous Vibration During Engine Operation and Driving

High vibration resistance is achieved by adopting a spring that suppresses vibration from the outside and a 3-point contact design. The combined vibration test at 125 ℃ for 300 hours confirms there is no change in the contact resistance.


Original Waterproof Design Meets IP67/IP69K Standards (ZE064W Series Only)

The internal automotive connector ZE05 Series can be combined with this compact and waterproof connector for automotive interface, which makes this combination ideal for all circumstances including when waterproof performance is required.


Applications (Use Case)


ZE05 Series Handling Instructions

Connector ZE05 Series for On-Board and Industrial Equipment


Highly reliable connector with high heat resistance (-40°C to 125°C) and high vibration resistance.

Highly versatile and can be used at any connection point.

Introducing the mounting method on the board side (reflow mounting)

Introducing proper harness work on the harness side

Introducing proper repair work for crimped wires

Series for Automotive

※In cases where the application will demand a high level of reliability, such as automotive,
please contact a company representative for further information.