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GT50 Series, 1 mm Pitch, 125 °C Operating Temperature, Robust, Wire-to-Board Connector


GT50 Series, 1 mm Pitch, 125 °C Operating Temperature, Robust, Wire-to-Board Connector

GT50 Series

HIROSE Electric Co. Ltd, a world-class manufacturer in innovative connector solutions, has introduced the GT50 series, wire-to-board connectors, ideal for automotive applications.

Combining its compact size with 1 mm pitch and 5.97 mm height, Hirose’s GT50 series connectors reduce the mounting area in PCB designs. The GT50 series uses gold plating and can withstand operating temperature ranges of up to 125 °C. With this heat resistance capability, the connector satisfies the needs of severe automotive requirements.

Even with its compact design, the GT50 series features a terminal lance that prevents the contact coming out from its housing cavity. This enables a retention force of 12N min. by only the “primary lock” (there is no secondary lock on GT50) during the handling operation of the wiring. In addition, GT50 has sufficient locking strength and PCB peel-off strength, making it a robust connector for internal connections.

The 2-point contact is enclosed between two springs to provide a reliable connection by touching both sides of the header contact where the direction of the heat shrinkage is most likely to occur. This improves contact reliability by minimizing the impact of heat shrinkage

​GT50 Series​

The applicable wire size is 0.08 mm² (AWG 28), about 75% lighter than the 0.3 mm² (AWG 22) size wire that is often used for internal connection in automotive applications.

GT50 series connectors are ideal solutions for Automotive applications such as LiDAR, Head-up Display (HUD), combination lamp, display, array microphone/speaker, electric mirror. Additionally other applications such as Automated Guided Robot (AGV), Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), and electric tools that are exposed to a harsh environment.

Key Features

• Contact pitch [mm] : 1.0
• Height [mm] / Depth [mm] : 5.97 / 10.5
• Rated Current [A] :
  o 2 (2, 4 contacts)
  o 1.5 (6, 8, 12, 16 contacts)
• Rated Voltage [V ]: AC/DC 60
• Operating temperature range [°C] : -40 to +125
• Number of contacts: 2, 16 (4 ,6, 8, 12 under planning)
• Mating cycles : 10
• Termination AWG: 28
• Contact plating specification : Gold