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FH75 Series, 2 mm Height, Two-Point Contact, 125° C Heat Resistance, FPC/FFC Connector


FH75 Series, 2 mm Height, Two-Point Contact, 125° C Heat Resistance, FPC/FFC Connector

FH75 Series

FH75 Series

HIROSE Electric Co. Ltd, a world-class manufacturer of innovative connector solutions, has introduced the FH75 series, 2 mm height, FPC/FFC connector; ideal for automotive applications and various industrial applications.

The FH75 series connector features an independent two-point contact design that ensures high contact reliability whilst reducing contact failure due to dust intrusion. Furthermore, the new actuator design (Front-flip) with housing side-catches, increases the FPC retention force significantly that provides a stable and secured hold of FPC/FFC connection. The FH75 series connector can support the MIPI D-PHY (1.5 Gbps) requirement.

Currently, the FH75 series is available in 40 and 60 position contacts. However, to provide various pin count options such as 8, 10, 15, 30, 50, 68, 80 are under development for this series.

Along with the innovative design of FH75 connector it can withstand harsh environment requirements, the adopted material supporting temperature up to 125 °C. This makes FH75 series connector a unique resistance solution for severe automotive requirements. Also, the connector’s design feature provides a visual check for the FPC/FFC tab detection to ensure the complete mating.

The FH75 series connectors are ideal solutions for automotive applications such as LiDAR, ADAS cameras, car navigation system, Head-up displays, infotainment system like Smart TV and for industrial applications such as robot camera system and many more.

Key Features

・Contact pitch: 0.5 mm
・Height: 2 mm
・Contact position: Bottom

・Rated current: 0.5 A
・Rated voltage: 50 V AC/DC
・Number of contacts: 40, 60*

* 8, 10, 15, 30, 50, 60, 68, 80 are under development for this series

・Temperature range: -40° C to + 125° C
・Mating cycles: 20
・RoHS Compliant
・Halogen Free*

*This product satisfies halogen free requirements defined as 900ppm maximum chlorine, 900ppm maximum bromine, and 1500ppm maximum total of chlorine and bromine