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PQ50S Series


PQ50S Series, High Voltage, Power Supply Connector

Hirose has introduced the PQ50S series to meet the requirement for lightweight, robust, high-performance interface connectors with high voltage capability.

The connector range consists of cable plugs and panel mount receptacles.

The connector shell is made from robust engineering resin plastic that is lightweight, heat and chemical resistant.

The panel mount receptacle is user-friendly and can be easily assembled. This is achieved by unlocking the housing lock to detach the outer connector shell from the inner housing to allow easy termination of the contacts into the rear of the housing. The receptacle can be mounted to the front or the rear side of the panel. The crimp contacts utilised by the receptacle have a protective wall that prevents deformation of the contact and contact snare. The internal structure of the female crimp contact features 2-point contacts to guarantee contact reliability.

The cable plug has a simplified one- step cable assembly procedure. The cable clamping and grounding process are completed at the same time. This is achieved by placing the shielding tape between the metal clamp and the housing which are then fastened with standard M4 screws. The cable clamp strength is 98N minimum.

The plug housing features side locks that ensure secure and reliable mating and unmating with the receptacle which is confirmed by an audible tactile click. The plug utilises crimp contacts that also have a protective wall that prevents deformation of the contact and contact snare. In addition, contacts of a different length can be installed for sequential mating.

The grounding structure features 4 grounding points from the cable shields to the housing, 6 grounding points between the housing and housing unit and 8 grounding points between the plug and receptacle to ensure secure shielding and grounding. For panel grounding, a standard crimp contact can be directly attached to the right or the left of the connector allowing flexible design options. A coding key system is available that allows multiple key variations to prevent incorrect insertion.

Other PQ series are available such as PQ50, zinc die cast version, PQ-W, IP65 lightweight plastic shell version and PQ-WT, IP67 aluminium die cast shell version.


Key Features

· Contact sizes: 48

· Current rating: 5A (when all 48 contacts are used with UL1007 AWG 17 – 28); 12.5A (when using a single-pin with UL1007 AWG 18)

· Voltage rating: AC/DC 300V

· Mating cycles: 500

· Robust plastic resin shell

· UL/C-UL/TÜV certified


Suitable applications are assembly robots, wafer/LCD carrier machine, high precision processing machinery, nanotechnology manufacturing equipment, evaluation equipment and other industrial machines.