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PQ50WT Series


PQ50WT Series, High Voltage, IP67 Waterproof Power Supply Connector

Hirose has introduced the PQ50WT series to meet the requirement for IP67 water-resistant, high voltage connectors supporting NFPA79 compliant cable for industrial equipment.

The connector range consists of straight and right angle cable plugs and panel mount receptacles that are IP67 water-resistant in the mated condition.

The panel mount receptacle is user-friendly and can be easily assembled. This is achieved by unlocking the housing lock to detach the outer connector shell from the inner housing to allow easy termination of the contacts into the rear of the housing. The receptacle can be mounted on the front side of the panel.

Unique branch housings and contacts allow advantageous current distribution. For example, by using a 4 x 2 position branch female housing through a male branch housing it is possible to distribute 1 input into 3 outputs as shown below. Up to 4 inputs can be inserted into 12 outputs.

The male and female inner housing blocks can be interchanged into the plug or receptacle shell allowing design flexibility. The housing blocks are available in 4, 8, 12 or 20 positions. Up to 6 housing blocks can be inserted in the plug or receptacle shell to allow many different contact combinations.

The lock structure features a single lever lock that allows easy locking and a light locking force.

Other PQ series are available such as PQ50, robust zinc die cast shell version. PQ50S, light weight plastic shell version and PQ-W, IP65 lightweight plastic shell version.


Key Features

· Contact sizes: 16-120 (contact us for availability)

· Current rating: 30A (AWG10) / 19A (AWG14) / (12.5A (AWG18)

· Voltage rating: AC/DC 600V

· Mating cycles: 500

· Aluminium die cast shell

· UL/C-UL/TÜV certified


Suitable applications are servo motors, wafer/LCD carrier machine, robots, medical equipment, wind power generators and other industrial machines.