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C.FL Series, 0.92 mm Mated Height, Supporting 30 GHz, Space-saving Ultra Small Coaxial Connector


C.FL Series, 0.92 mm Mated Height, Supporting 30 GHz, Space-saving Ultra Small Coaxial Connector

​C.FL75 Series​

HIROSE Electric Co. Ltd, a world-class manufacturer of innovative connector solutions, has introduced the C.FL series for 5G connections supporting 30 GHz signal applications.

As wireless connectivity continues to expand across various industries, the demand for RF connectors is growing exponentially. The need of faster connectivity speeds, and greater bandwidth is increasing; millimetre wave bands are anticipated to be used for the next generation communication standard 5G.

Typical 3G and 4G connectors perform up to 3.5 GHz, however Hirose’s C.FL connectors supports the need of 5G and can perform up to 30 GHz, capable of achieving low reflection and insertion loss; providing more performance capabilities for future applications compared to any conventional connectors.

Hirose’s C. FL series miniature connectors are an ultra-low profile having a PCB mounting space of 2 mm x 2 mm (L X W) and mated height of 0.92 mm (1 mm max.). The frequency characteristics have been dramatically enhanced by reducing the dimension of the male receptacle contact and optimizing the internal design of the plug. Moreover, with applicable cable of ⌀0.64 mm, which is very thin and flexible, it makes it easy to route inside devices. In addition, this product is available in embossed packaging; this allows the plug and receptacles to be automatically mounted.

The C.FL series is ideal for applications that include smart phones, note pc, tablet pc, gaming pc, wearable devices AI speaker, drone, human robot, assembly robot, AGV, mobile router, Wi-Fi access point and CPE (Customer Premise Equipment).

Key Features

・Characteristic impedance: 50Ω
・V.S.W.R. frequency range:
    o1.4 or less (DC to 15 GHz)
    o1.5 or less (15 to 20 GHz)
    o1.6 or less (20 to 30 GHz)
・Operating temperature: -40° C to +90° C
・Mating cycles: 20
・Mated height: 0.92 mm