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IX Series – Rugged, Compact and High-Speed I/O Connectors 

Hirose has introduced the IX series of connectors for space-constrained industrial applications that need to support high-speed signal transmission up to 3 Gbps.

The IX range consists of 8 contact plugs and receptacles to provide a LAN interface connection. The plugs are available as straight or right angle version with upright or downward cable direction, allowing flexible connectivity solutions in combination with the right angle receptacle.

Multiple connectors can be mounted side-by-side with only a small pitch distance of 10mm. This is due to the small footprint and narrow width of the receptacle allowing space to be saved on the board.

Secure locking is assured by a robust snap-in lock which gives a clear tactile click when mated. This confirms the connector is fully engaged. In addition, the positive lock features a highly reliable preload mechanism with a long spring length which increases the durability of the connector to 5000 mating cycles.

The receptacle is suitable for through-hole reflow solder processing. In addition to the surface mount contacts the receptacle features through-hole solder posts to aid the retention of the connector to the board and protect the surface mount contacts.

The connector features an enhanced structural grounding shield to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electrostatic discharge (ESD).


Key Features

· Number of contacts: 8

· Current rating: 0.5A (all pins), 1A (any 2 pins), 2A (pin No.1 and No.8 only)

· Voltage rating: 30V

· Mating Cycles: 5000

· RoHS Compliant


Suitable applications are FA controllers, servo amplifiers, robots, servers and PLC’s.