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TM25R Series – Foldable, RJ45, Cat 5 Performance Modular Jack Connector 

The TM25R series delivers a low-profile, high-speed connectivity solution for applications where space height is limited.

The TM25R connector is a foldable, open-close RJ-45 modular jack that meets with Cat 5 performance.

The connector features an open and close lid, known as a flip-top. When the flip-top is closed, the connector height is only 6.6mm which is the same height as other common interfaces such as standard USB and HDMI connectors. The mid-mount structure allows the connector to sit lower into the board reducing the overall connector height to 11.25mm when the flip-top is open.

The flip-top is securely attached to the connector body but comes off before the connector gets damaged by excessive wrenching force. The flip-top can be replaced back into position without a special tool.

The enhanced grounding structure features metal blades on the bottom of the connector body to provide grounding via the chassis in addition to grounding via the board.

Stoppers are present inside the connector to prevent the incorrect insertion of a RJ11 plug should it accidently be inserted.

Pin-in-hole intrusive reflow method is applicable to TM25R. This allows a one time reflow process with other surface mount components, and also improves the board retention force.

Key Features

· Number of positions: 8

· Current rating: 500mA

· Voltage rating: 125V

· Compliance category: CAT.5

· Low-profile

· Operating temperature: -25°C to + 80°C

Suitable for telecom hubs, switches, routers, medical diagnostic equipment, test & measurement equipment, switches interfaces, LAN networking equipment that supports Cat 5 performance.