Solve RF inspection issue for smart phone production MS connector [F6 series]

MS connector [F6 series]

Is your RF production cost increasing due to inspection errors?
You are not alone.
The engineers Hirose have a solution perfect for your business.

Our new F6  probes design can help to improve the inspection process and it is also capable for higher frequency for future smart phone market.

Inspection errors on RF transmission gear can be caused by inappropriate test probe mating with the product. Some probe manufacturers do not allow enough tolerance to prevent such mating errors.

Hirose developed our new inspection probe to resolve this headache. Our new F6 probe design will improve your inspection process and is ready for higher frequencies for the future smart phone market.

F6 probes can float in X, Y and Z directions to tolerate misalignment

Our F6 series probes have a unique floating function in the X, Y and Z directions to self-align with the board mounted switch. The video below shows how the Hirose probe reduces misalignment in your manufacturing inspection line.

How it works

F6 probes can tolerate misalignment without the tip of the probe shifting out of center due to cable motion.

Lower portion:
Tolerant of misalignment with a unique floating feature

Top portion:
No moving parts on the flange portion which is fixed to the test fixture

F6 probes can tolerant misalignment with no probing tip shift out of center due to cable pulling

Actual measurement results

The amazing performance shown below was under an intentionally misaligned test. Note the consistent results throughout the testing.
Competitive products have test failure rates of over 1000ppm. The Hirose test probes reduce this number to about 100ppm making our product the best choice for high volume applications.

The steady results show below was under intentionally misaligned situation.
The steady results show below was under intentionally misaligned situation.

Product lineup

F6 inspection probes are available in the MS-156, MS-180 and MS-190 series. Be sure to check out our great selection of RF switches and test probes for lab usage.
Series MS-156C series MS-180 series MS-190 series
Part number
MS connector
*mate with MS-156C series
*mate with MS-180 series
*mate with MS-190 series


This product is perfect for usage in any RF application including portable electronics such as mobile phones, tablets and wearables (smart glasses, watches, fitness monitors, etc)