CES 2023

Visit the Hirose Electric team at "CES 2023" to see how Hirose Electric can deliver interconnect solutions to satisfy all of your design requirements.

On display will be a selection of Hirose's user friendly, space saving designs with information on products and technologies for next-generation Wearables, Smart Devices, Automotive, Consumer, IoT, Mobile, and Data Center applications.

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About CES 2023

Expo Date

January 5-8, 2023

Location  Venetian Expo Hall C
Booth # #54235
Official Site  https://www.ces.tech/
​Venetian Expo Hall C​​ (#54235)

Product Highlights

For Consumer Devices

​Ultra Compact, Full Armored, Board-to-Board/FPC Connector BM55 Series​

1. Ultra small Board-to-Board/FPC connector with
    0.5mm mated height, 0.3mm pitch, 1.5mm depth

2. Supports up to 5A
    - Power contact: 5A, Signal contact: 0.3A

3. Fully armored design ensures high robustness
    and extraction force

4. Clear tactile click even at a compact size

​​15A Rated Current, Power/Signal Hybrid FPC-to-Board Connector BM50 Series, BK22 Series

1. Space-saving Design with 15A Rated Current
2. High Contact Reliability
3. Compact with High Extraction Force
4. Halogen-free

FH82 Series

1. Ultra Low Height, Space-saving Design
2. One Action Automatic Locking Design
3. High FPC Retention Force
4. Original FPC Mis-mating Detection Design

​​0.35mm Pitch, 2.2mm Width, 0.6mm Stacking Height, Multi-RF Compatible FPC-to-Board Connector BM56 Series

1. Compact, Multi-RF capable FPC Connector, World's Smallest Width Class
2. Contact Design Ideal for Both Digital and RF Signal
3. Superior RF Signal Transmission
4. Double Shield Enhances EMI Prevention

For Automotive

​​High Heat and Vibration Resistance, 0.5 Size, 2mm pitch Automotive Interface Connector [ZE05 Series]

1. Space-saving (0.5 size terminal, 2mm pitch)
2. High Heat Resistance : up to 125℃
3. High Vibration Resistance
4. Rated Current : 5A (Mono-Pole Power Supply/ 2A (All-Pole Power Supply)

​​140℃ Heat and Vibration Resistant Board-to-Board Floating Connector [FX26 Series]

1. Vibration Resistance
2. Heat Resistance up to 140℃
3. Board Misalignment Absorption
    - X and Y Directions : ±0.7mm Floating Range
    - Z Direction : ±0.75mm Effective Mating Length
4. Contact Pitch : 1mm

10 Recommended Connectors for Automatic Operation and ADAS
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