High levels of heat and vibration resistance will required for automotive connectors.

In recent years, many automobiles have been equipped with cameras and radars that provide driving assistance, such as lane departure prevention and automatic emergency braking. The ECUs that control these devices have become increasingly sophisticated. In the future, the number of electronic devices in automobiles is expected to increase in order to achieve autonomous driving. High levels of heat and vibration resistance will required for automotive connectors.
This feature article introduces 10 Hirose Electric product series for automatic operation and ADAS based on the categories Board-to-Board, FPC-to-Board, FPC/FFC and Interface.

Examples of Automated Driving and ADAS Applications and Recommended Connectors

Examples of Automated Driving and ADAS Applications and Recommended Connectors

Board-to-Board Connector

Floating Design

Floating connectors absorb the fixed misalignment between the boards, allowing greater flexibility in equipment design.

Advantages of Floating Design

Supports High Speed Transmission

Meets the growing demand for high speed transmission in the automotive field with reliable performance and design.
[Signal Integrity (SI) Support]

We provide connector simulation models (Touchstone, IBIS, etc.), and SI support for customers to judge the compatibility to various signal standards.

Power and Signal Hybrid Contact

Achieves Space-Saving with Power Contact

Power and Signal Hybrid Contact

Main Series

FX23/23L Series

(1) FX23/23L Series
Combines Floating Design and High Speed
Transmission into a Single Connector

This is a board-to-board connector that can float above the connector pitch. The guide posts on both sides of this power hybrid connector have 4 separate lines for the signal and power contacts that enable high speed transmission (8+Gbps)

FPC-to-Board Connector

Heat resistance up to 125 ℃: Can withstand the Harsh Temperatures in Automotive

A variety of rigorous tests required for in-vehicle products, including a thermal shock test (-55 to + 125 ℃ for 1,000 cycles) and a high temperature storage test (125 ℃, 1,000 hours), have been performed to verify that there were no issues.

High Speed Transmission
Responds to the Increasing Needs for High Speed Transmission in the Automotive Sector with Reliable Performance and Design

With the increasing resolution of cameras and other sensors, connectors are required to have excellent high speed transmission characteristics. High speed transmission speeds up to 16Gbps (Also PCI Express 4.0 compliant) meet cutting-edge needs.

Main Series

DF40T Series

(2) DF40T Series
An FPC-to-Board Connector Combining
Heat Resistance, Contact Reliability and
Robustness while Supporting 16Gbps
High Speed Transmission

The DF40T Series is an FPC-to-Board connector ideal for applications requiring high reliability, such as electrical equipment in automobiles that are heat resistant to 125 ℃. The high speed transmission up to 16Gbps and the unique terminal design ensure high contact reliability and retention force.

FPC/FFC Connectors

Wide Range of Connection Solutions

FH65 FH52K FH28K FH63S FH67*
Height (mm) 1.2 2 2.55 2.8 5.2
Pitch (mm) 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
One Action Lock - - -
Heat Resistance (℃) 125 125 125 105 105
No. of Pos. 1 1 1 2 2
Contact Position Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom -
Depth (mm) 3.57 5.7 6.4 5.15 3.57

*The FH67 Series is a vertical type.
*Specifications herein are subject to change without notice. Contact a Hirose representative for the latest specifications.

125℃ Heat Resistance
Suitable for use in high temperature environments up to 125℃
(Target products only)

Test Item Test Method Checked Criteria
Vibration Resistance Frequency : 10 to 55Hz ; half amplitude of 0.75mm,
10 cycles in each of 3 axis directions for 5 minutes/cycle
・No electrical discontinuity of 1μs or more
・Contact Resistance
Shock Acceleration : 981m/s2 duration : 6ms,
3-axis half sine wave in both directions, 3 cycles per test
Temperature Cycle Temperature: -55 → +15 to +35 → +125
+15 to +35℃
Time: 30 → 2-3 → 30 → 2-3min. for 1,000 cycles
・Contact Resistance
・Insulation Resistance
High Temperature and
High Humidity Storage
Left for 1,000 hours at a temperature
of 85±2℃ and a relative humidity of 90-95%
Moisture Resistance of
Temperature and Humidity Cycle
Left for 10 cycles (240 hours) in a temperature range
of -10 to + 65 ℃ and a relative humidity of 90-96%.
Heat Resistance Left for 1,000 >hours at 125±2℃ ・Contact Resistance
Cold Resistance Left for 1,000 hours at -55±3℃
Salt Mist Corrosion Left for 96 hours at
35±2℃ in a 5% saline spray.
・Contact Resistance
Sulfur Dioxide
(JIS C 60068-2-42)
Temperature 40 ± 2 ℃,
relative humidity 80 ± 5%
Hydrogen Sulfide
(JIS C 60068-2-43)
Temperature of 40±2℃, relative humidity 80±5%
Left for 96 hours at a concentration of 10 to 15ppm
Energized at
Low Temperature
Left for 96 hours at ‐40 ± 3℃
after 30 mating/unmating cycles
・Energized State
・Variation in Total Resistance

Highly Reliable Terminal Design
(Contact Reliability, High Retention Force, Robust)

When assembled, the connector has sufficient mating length in order to increase tolerance and maintain contact reliability. During mating ribs on both sides of the connector fit together to absorb impact stress for enhanced toughness.

Main Series

FH63S/67 Series

(3,4) FH63S/67 Series
One-Action Lock FPC/FFC Connector

The “One Action Lock” improves operability dramatically by allowing FPC insertion without the operation of the lock lever. This connector is also suitable for robot assembly. The two-point contact wiping design eliminates dust adhesion and reduces contact defects.

FH65 Series

(5) FH65 Series
Low profile and Space-Saving, H = 1.2mm

The FH65 connector is a low profile and space-saving FPC/FFC connector with 0.5mm pitch, 1.2mm height and 125℃ heat resistance. The unique terminal design provides secure locking and visual inspection capability. The I-shaped solder tab contributes to space-saving.

FH52K Series

(6) FH52K Series
Achieves Reliable Mating Operation
without Unlocking, H = 2mm

The FH52K is an FPC/FFC connector that ensures reliable connectivity without unlocking. Unique terminal design enhances the FPC/FFC retention force with rugged lock construction and tabs, while the L-shaped retention pad enhances the ease of visual inspection and peel strength.

FH28K Series

(7) FH28K Series
Clear Tactile Click, Robust, Easy FPC Insertion,
H = 2.55 mm

The FH28K is an FPC/FFC connector with a clear tactile click, high durability and superior FPC insertion. The robust lock that prevents the actuator from coming off even when locked roughly and the FPC side catches ensure a highly reliable connection while significantly improving FPC retention force.

Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-Wire Connectors

Vibration Resistance: Clears the Intense Vibration Conditions Required for In-Vehicle Devices

High Heat Resistance: Suitable for Use in High Temperature Environments up to 125℃ (Target products only)

Waterproof: IP67/IP69K Compliant (Target Products Only)

Safe for use as an interface connector for automotive equipment intended for harsh environments.

Compact Design

The compact design contributes to space-saving in equipment.

Main Series

ZE05 Series

(8) ZE05 Series
Small, High Vibration Resistance Connector
for 125 ℃

Guaranteed for use under 8.9G environments, this small connector with enhanced vibration resistance is ideal for the engine room. Making the male and female contact out of the same materials eliminates the effects of heat shrinkage for heat resistance up to 125℃. Furthermore the space-saving design of the 0.5 terminal tab size and 2mm pitch results in a reduction in equipment size.

GT25 Series

(9) GT25 Series
Standard Interface Connector

THR-compliant boards eliminate the need for screws and reduce the area occupied on the board. The low profile design also aids in equipment size reduction. Available in 8 to 24pos., it can be used in various situations based on the customer’s needs.

ZE064W Series

(10) ZE064W Series
Compact, 125℃ Waterproof Interface Connector
with High Vibration Resistance

Guaranteed for use under 8.9G environments, this compact and waterproof connector with enhanced vibration resistance is ideal for the engine room. The thickness and length of the female contact were made as thin and short as possible, resulting in a 80% reduction in size compared with competitors. The waterproof feature is compliant with IP67/IP69K standards.


In cases where the application will demand a high level of reliability, such as automotive, please contact a company representative for further information.