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D.FL75 Series, 75Ω FL Connector, Supporting 12G-SDI, Space-saving Micro Coaxial Connector


D.FL75 Series, 75Ω FL Connector, Supporting 12G-SDI, Space-saving Micro Coaxial Connector

D.FL75 Series

HIROSE Electric Co. Ltd, a world-class manufacturer of innovative connector solutions, has introduced the D.FL75 series for 12G-SDI signal applications.

Hirose’s D.FL75 series are compact connectors with a PCB mounting space of 4 mm x 4 mm (L X W) and mated height of 2.7 mm (2.9 mm max.), providing plenty of room for design flexibility. With this space saving design, it gives the opportunity to seamlessly position multiple high density interface PCB designs including those with a narrow pitch, and multistage arrangements.

This connector series is terminated with an ultra-fine coaxial cable giving up to 12 GHz performance. Designed to support automatic mounting and offering an easy mating process with a clear tactile click when fully mated to assure complete electrical and mechanical connection.

When used in combination with the BNC (75) series plug, 75Ω system lines are maintained from interface connection to the internal wiring systems. Providing design freedom on PCB signal wiring lines, that replaces the internal wiring with cabling, allowing for unimpeded board arrangement. Additionally, this connector comes with an SMT mounting feature, that enables reflow soldering of the PCB, reducing the number of mounting measures.

Higher definition broadcasting equipment for 4K and 8K, network cameras, and medical equipment have led to an increase in image data and demands for higher transmission speeds. High reliability SDI transmission (SMPTE America’s Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) standard has been used for transmission between broadcast cameras and other equipment. Hirose’s D.FL75 series meet the SMPTE Standard - mastering display colour volume metadata supporting high luminance and wide colour scale images for12G-SDI broadcasting and video equipment.

The D.FL75 series is ideal for applications that include broadcasting cameras, commercial cameras, switchers, medical equipment, and large video equipment.

Key Features

• Characteristic impedance: 75Ω
• Frequency range: DC-12GHz
• Return Loss:
    o Min. 17.7 dB (DC- 3 GHz)
    o Min. 13.9 dB (3-12 GHz)
• Operating temperature: -40°C to +105°C
• Insulation resistance: 500MΩ Min.(measured at 100V DC)
• Contact Resistance: Centre contact: Max 50mΩ, Outer contact: Max. 20mΩ (measured with 10 mA DC)
• Mating cycles: 20
• Retention snap